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a state of you-phoria

Gratitude for the characteristics and characters. Grateful of the gratitude through the attitudes.

May the stories of your strength align you the smile of your survival. May the peace of your patience pull you to the healing of your heart. May the love within your legacies lead you to the love, laughter, and your happily ever after.


What if our memories were our melodies?

What would a yoUniversal anthem sound like?

What if our homes were healing hugs? What would our walls feel like?

What if our touch sensors were our talk points teleporting us through time to travel into our destiny as a dynamic design?

Aren't we a work in progress or are we works of progression?

Every word carries weight - paying rent to our thought and leasing out our love.

Our connection is our currency exchange not through a pass play, but rather through multidimensions of mind, matter and medias.

Our healing process is the projector technology replaying the cinematic scriptures of our sound bytes; the prefrontal cortex of our premonitions is like the center stage of our monitoring systems.

Our youth is our greatest fruit; the fruition of our truth and the adventure of our exploration through our youth.


Self-soothe soulful sundae: the abortion of the body; the adoption of the soul

the adoption of the soul is within our spirits. we are never separate. the energies flow through us to communicate the physical matters out of us. the regeneration of our cells is the extraction of our selves. it is that of the mummification of our bodies but the mom-ification of our souls we are our parents, our children an the mosaic of the malleable memories passing through us. energy is a light we see colors, we are conditioned to see the crystallization of such because of what eyes can see. but vision is everything INvisible. That doesn't mean you cant see it; that means you're IN it.

We are INvisible beings imagining our reality. we are imagination as entities.

The birthing cycle shows us the purity of our selves. As pregnancy occurs, the body is told to purify its body of everything. A mommy is a foundation to a generation. A mummy is a culmination of the re-generation.

Souls never separate. We are one of one of one of one - all passing as a piece of our par. The port of our possibilities is the meracle of how we reflect to re-direct, even the switch of re- is -er.

What the body aborts is body man-ually; even the body is confused. The spirits are the cure to infuse what God has gifted: our curiosity.

Curiosity is the window to the dimensions of our selves.

We are not just our first priorities; we are our first comprehension of a dimension.

To honor our body and soul and spirit first is to acknowledge the sanctuary of our stories, the preservation of our systems is to operate from purity through possibilities and to the pop-you-lations.

When a body is removed from earth as a subject matter, it arises through soul as an objective matter.

Once in my reality, I experienced a story of such. I heard the heartbeats stop; I heard how the vacuum swooshed the body out of mine. I heard my soul scream in silence. Yet, my body still took time to convert the curiosity into a re-construction.

Memory is in our cellves, restructuring our selves, and redirecting our mental wellth.

The meracle is that within pregnancy, you are an active visible portal between the invisible and the indivisible. what is certain is only our curiosity. to ask all the questions and to crystallize the consciousness. the spectrum of our frequencies teleports us to our times - ahead, backwards, sideways. everything is a thought as a symbol to connect us to descriptive characters.

We are angels from all angles. The newborn within us is the meracle grown through us.

What greater treasure is in this life experiment aside from this present experience?

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