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Poetic prophecies as probabilities of possibilities

For+give+ness through all

is love of the fall.

Seasons change.

Peace is


we can turn

a page.

a youniverse of one

is a world of fun.

Sometimes the sweet thing about surrender is that we see through every thing so much that our eyes disappear, too.

Sometimes the sweetness is all about being nothing and feeling every thing.

Sometimes sweetness is saying maybe about everything and yes about nothing.

Some times sweetness is a flow to a fantasee level;

some times sweetness is half you; half me.

May you Be Your Selfie+

& Go Where You Grow.


People to build the b's.

People to heal the guilt.

People to set the scene.

A self to activate the be+ing.


Where beauty is built,

brilliance is born.

Where stories are constructed.

buildings arise.

Where dreams are designed,

angels can survive.


I asked to go back to heaven

we were all striving for.

Every1 laughed and closed

the door.

I saw my self


to me.

I fixed the doors

for you to be free.

Even designed the hell

for you to ring the bell.

Angels are at your service;

wish every one well.


Are you an expert at you?

he. he. who knew.

Be an expert at the New.

Design all of the you's.

Self portraits began

as glory of self.

It began with

the reflection

your wellth.


Why do people argue about the concept of the matrix?

Isn't it amazeing that the idea of one

became a production

for fun.


The ritz is glitz

& what a sight to see.

Design your selves

through the

worth of me.


Switch the coaching careers

through the kid+ing.

Shift the prophecies

through pure profits.

Love is the drug,

reviving play

from the start.


We don't escape


We survive




sleep through choice.


awaken through voice.


Heavenly hospitals

heal people.

Innocent hearts

hear people.

and blessings

belong through


Pill of will:

God makes perfection with ease.

Divinity bakes possibilities through flow.

Selves serve smiles

through the thoughts of these th+ings.

reFRESH. reNEW. reYOU:

Who you have been

is from your BExing.

Who you are is what

you are BE in.

(be+en = be in).


Bodies may die

and skin dis+appear.

For every fear,

a story re+appears.


Where the spot

light shines

is the heart.

What radiates through

is a start.

Safety blanket:

You design your

you-niverse to

meet your check list.

You design the dynasty

to honor the wish list.


Explore your selves

through the conversations

of your cellves.

Possibilities are through

the thoughts

designed by your



Engineer your




of the beens.


Thoughts are merrors you look through.

Emotions are meracles you grow from.

Feelings are +ings you travel with in.

Time is a place you live through out.


The goal is the journal. The journey as an auto+biography of developmental dynasties of dreMes.

Since there is no right or wrong way, each signature, story, pattern and behavior is you-nique - like our selves.

Be grateful for the re+generation of your youth and fountain of faith.

Be grateful for a shell of porcelain glass and that impeccable sass.

Breaking up our sequence is the perfect opportunity to rearrange it.

Evaluating our selves repositions our cellves. Places in your universe are yet to be explored through your you-niverse.

The circle of life is the cycle of life. We can be zero or together, be infinity.

Love how meracles light your way through your authenticity. Rebirth doesn't just begin at any age.

Rebirth is now and now and now and now.

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



Selfie Brand Designer | AmeraFattah .com | Metro Detroit


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