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Sir Ender: The Master of Surrender

What is the Art of Allowing or the Art of Surrender or the Art of really not giving a BEEP?

It's called loving you so wholesomely that life leads the way. It's the magic of when you trust in your journey to know that you've invested in yourself for this long that maybe things are going to be okay after all. Actually, what if things are actually better than ok? What if everything is perfect exactly as it is?

I'll rewrite it without the question mark so we can both grasp the importance of how that resonates.

What if everything is perfect exactly as it is. Period.

The art of now is the art of art. Let it be what it is.

Let it be what it is.

Surrendering to the moon is a little like entrusting that every single star in the galaxy is an eye of all of God's angels protecting your piece(s) and yet shining a spotlight on the sultriness of your glow. Surrender is a little like staring at the moon knowing she sees everything and yet you know nothing. Surrender is a little like a pause in this very second to feel the blood flowing through your veins like the star dust of the bliss across the heavenly skies - here, there, and between that and this.

Let's build on that truth too because bliss is a little like taking pieces of the moon and serving it with birthday wishes and in takeout boxes as Valentines Day kisses. Its defining bliss as this and this and this. Bliss is pointing to a planet and waving it well wishes with the magical woosh of an inhale and a hurricane sigh of an exhale.

Bliss is the ease of your breath. Bliss is in the way you breathe as you. If you are satisfied with your breath, congratulations.

Bliss is a hit as a Mrs. When you marry bliss, you meet a merry mrs.

Bliss is when life is as simple as a yes and as delicate as a next. This beauty of our present is truly within our presence. Being so in tune with you that bliss and joy and euphoria create a group chat and ship it to you as a message in a bottle circa decades ago to say hi and that all of these words are hitting you to your heart so whoa-fully that you can feel that butterfly effect in your heart waves - again. Your perfection is in when all of life's sweetest moments collectively celebrate your breath as a way of life and living.

For at one point, we were all beings wondering what's our purpose and a story of love activated cells within atoms of universes across planets to align the meracles of surrender, bliss and this.

Surrender is letting your affirmations hit the gas and your i's enjoy the show. The journey of this jubilance is in the gratitude; through our perfection, we activate our full potential because gratitude is driving the wow of you. Surrender is the story of how what is, is perfect as !s.

May the art of you vitalize your wings to meet the reflection of you and honor your art of the who.

You are you. The authenticity of your you is as true as this blog post could be.

After all, aren't these words constructed as a compilation of thoughts and thoughts and thoughts - it's only you that's tossed in the emotions, opinions, secondhand thoughts and fantasee ideas because that's what brains do what when we feel amazing.

May your amazingness allow you to expand your magic of you and live as the art of you.

Yours Truly,



Yours Truly


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