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the answers we keep; the questions we see

  • Through reincarnation, are our energies pass+ages or pathways?

  • Is the collective an -er?

  • Can the collective be re-anything?

  • What was the transformation from shapes as a language to the patterns as a dialect?

  • How do we reinvent the basis of our sights? symbols? stories? both?

Every arc-ite-ctural era is the you niversal force of our feel links. the preyes possesion of infinitee.

the weight at the edges of the spectrum are the balance of the center.

11/5/22 | more than aura, less than awra.

The more power we have, the more powerless we are.

Energy dispersion is mind distribution.

To own the brain, release it. Any fixing of a fixation is to wire your patterns to a path way. Make ways. Make paths. Make moves. All momentum is is a transition of element 2 element, state of change 2 state of matter. Every eMotional shift is some sort of neurological switch. You can activate all realities as much as we are animations of one.

When the realities are re-magnetizing your meracles, move to realms .

To live karmic free, be karma.

To be karma, exist as nothing. t

To exist as nothing, origins. beginnings. and starts.

Nothing as a body. Everythink as a being.

To exist in a realm is to viewpoint the realities - whether through different mental capabilities or accessing the conscious levels of humanity. The realm of now is more than your supernatural; the realm of all your realities is the mere existence that nothing, is a coincidence.

The debut of duality is that 1 is all and all is n0ne.

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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