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The i's of your eyes. The touch of your talk.

May our prayers piece together the peace of our practices. May the collective conversations construct the wellth of our wonders. May we seek curiousity and see kindness. May the reflection of Me convert into We. May the meracle of the We redesign the Me. May the radiance of our present embrace our presence. May the softness of our strength empower our smiles. May the time of tomorrow make today worthwhile. May the joy of the journey connect us to the love we're yearning. May the love of our heart be a perfect start to be a part and yet never apart.

2.22.22 | 6:22 AM | Talking traits as a choose choose train

The loco of our eMotion: everything that moves our construct of crazy is everything that constructs how we re-consider.

How would you love you if you became everything you thought about? How would you grow you if stepped into everyone you thought about?

The more we question our intentions, the better we can shift the attention.

The manner in which we teach is the style of our soul.

The mechanism in which we learn is how we experience the grow.

We are microcosms of meracles embedded into our systems - like bubbles of iridescent questions and spheres of empirical answers.

What we don't know , we don't know.

It is the humility of humility to humble our character through the characteristics of our choices.

What would your inner child say to your next best you?

How true are you to this version of you?

Our flaws are our features. Our previews are our perfection.

A judgement free life is always in all ways about looking with in to see without.

How can this version of me teach an untaught version of my self?

How can this story of my self learn from the solitude through my selves?

As no+thing, we see every thing. As every thing, we can become no+thing; traits of tomorrow - today.

to day.

to night.

to morrow.

to you.

to new.


You believe in soul mates, right?

What about the energies that are your soul's gates?

The billions of beings that are resonating with your radiance and through your love are the revolution of your perspective.

The alchemy of your ambition is the audience of your cognition.

What you believe is what you see.

What you are is what you are BExIng, but what you become is anything possible.

If your mind can go there, it's a matter of events before your body is introduced.

Trust the timing of to day. Believe in your dreams, they are the makings of the you + i.

The meracle of this very moment is there is nothing else like it in the concept of your imagination.

Love so wholesomely you piece together the pieces of your smile , your story , and your spirit as your BExing.

Take the moment to smile. Out loud.

You are a lover of love. You are a being of becoming. You are a meracle of The Me.

The theme of your life is the design of your destiny.

Color it with love.

Light it with love.

And reflect the aura of your ambition.

Heaven is a smile through the miles.

Angels are beings from all angles.

This moment? The magic of both.


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