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Things, Thoughts, Those, and This - as Bliss.

May the prayers of your peace be the piece of the puzzle you're seeking. May the things you're seeing be the thoughts that seek you. May the way the words flow arrange the way the why designs your next show. May the mind meet you at the way your gratitude greets you. May the way the reality of this realm graces your presence be the gate way heaven aligns your presents. May this moment be the momentum of your meracles.

3.10.22 | The Time of Wine. The Wind of a Changing Chime.

Be grateful for the Be+Coming.

Get lost in your legacy. Be found in the dreMes.

All of the you's are once "i"s.

Isn't that the beauty of appreciation?

It's the app that keeps on giving.

The joy of the journey is that its moment-by-moment: specs of perception as spots of perfection.

To see beauty in every be+ing is to access it from within the cellves.

The courage of a character is the class of its characteristics.

What moves you? What drives you? What keeps going at the speed of sound and the passage of it , too?

The light of our love is that it shines - like the sun; existing as is so you can be as you are.

The pages of our past are pieces of our future.

Only nothing is the perceived notion of what's next.

Pause. Breathe. Be.

How amazing is this maze of a mind?

To audit, amend and align the frequencies in which you frequent; organize the organza of your organisms.

As the body is perfectly bound as is our human experience.

For if we were never taught the love language of our leadership, we'd be communicating through the vibes of our readership.

We are mechanisms of minds, mines, and magic.

We move through sensations to stimulate our observations.

What is this moment moving you to, through and as you?

Isn't the beauty of light, love, laughter, and happily ever after is that its you+niversally applicable?

We hear the hurt and heal it in spurts.

For every growth spurt is a seed of sweetness blossoming as a beauty of surrender.

The meracle of nature: its nothingness.

To give is our glory.

To serve is our story.

To heal is our here.

To be is our



Pause. Breathe. Be.

Imagine your self walking through a park, holding hands with your future self on your right side and your past self on your left side.

Together, you all walk a path paved uniquely to your experience.

Pause. Breathe. Be.

What conversations are you 3 having? What is the energy between your past, present and future self?

What kind of grip do each of your selves have on your hand? Where is the conversation oriented?

Pause. Breathe. Be.

Now hold your hands, together. unifying your past self to your future self through your present self.

Together, you are the best versions of your self as a becoming versions from your cellves through your selves constructing this present self.

You are the gift of the now.

You are the present of your presence.

Pause. Breathe. Be.


Quotes as told by amera

  • We're all on the same path; it's just paved differently.

  • Respect the differences; honor the similarities. Similar+i=ties.

  • Play is the sport. Home is the port(all).

  • The breath of be+longing is the being of the be+coming.

  • We nourish nature by how we navigate the knowledge

  • What's fed through is felt from.

  • The magnetism of the mind paints the portrait of the mine's.

  • Purified intentions draw polar attractions.

  • When you've got nothing to hide; you've got everything to show.

  • Before greed, there was god. After grief, there, is God.

  • Even through the storms, whether the weather. The choice was chosen. Align to the Alchemy.

  • Nice guys don't finish last. They come right on time.

  • The body is the experience of the self. The reality is the experiment of the experience.

  • When they prey on your weakness, pray for their strength.

  • Expand the mind through the trajectory of time. The blend of brilliance is the ombre of ambition; the compassion of cooperation is the passion of perspiration. What we breathe for is how we live through.

  • What we see is how we feel. How we are is what we be.

  • Machines make money like money makes machines. Dignity of design is destiny by the mind. Integrity of the i is the authenticity through the eye.

  • We are more than meets the eye; we are what vibrates through the mind and magnetizes the i.

  • How you recognize your cellves is how you de+sign your cognition

  • How you hear your selves is how you heal your self.

  • The redesign of time is the de+sign of the mine and the RexSign of the mind.

The frequencies we frequent are the destinations of our destiny. How you vibe is how you align. The manner of your alignment is the manual of your a line ment. How you line your values is how you magnetize your ValxYous.

The mysticism of the mine is the meracle of the mind.

Thank You Thursday,

Yours Truly,

A Meracle


Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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