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What's it going to take?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Inspiration from "Be Hungry or Starve as an Entrepreneur" - Grant Cardone | Quotes by Grant Cardone

“Every moment of every day act like your life depends on every transaction.” - Grant Cardone

Life’s a road across a mountainous trail; it’s made of ups and downs, sometimes you’ll hit a bump in the road that gives you a flat tire and slows you down. Other times, you’ll have a smooth ride enjoying a stunning view that made the bumps worthwhile. Embracing each moment for what it is the best way to appreciate life for all it has to offer. If we all stopped to mourn over a flat tire, we’re missing the opportunity to learn how that moment changes the rest of our life. When it comes to a customer’s experience, it’s equally as important to relate our own experience in the transaction. If each time we answered a phone call knowing that the person on the other line has the power to impact our entire business’s success, how differently would we treat them? The relation to treating situations is a reflection on how we’ll handle our own fate, which leads to

“Regardless of your position in life, if you want to stay on top, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to earn more business—during good times and bad.”

The millennial generation has its fans, fads and fakes. As a millennial entrepreneur, time is of the essence. Someone out there is hungrier than you. Someone out there is your competition, your potential partner, your future employer or future employee. Someone out there has the answer to your question and the power to make you or break you. Or do they not? Opportunities come on a conveyor belt controlled by everything but your power and as professionals dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind customer experience, embodying a positive character that leads with integrity and puts passion into daily actions and thoughts is the way to lead our own destiny into a path of success. Being hungry means starving for more. It’s the craving of opportunity: it’s tasting accomplishment and holding on to the aftertaste of satisfaction. It’s knowing that each bite taken is a unique opportunity that might not soothe and gratify our senses the way a previous opportunity did, but perhaps not as fulfilling as the next bite which transfers our mindset to remember that “What you did last year means nothing in the market today.” - Grant Cardone

Remembering that every moment is unique is crucial in providing the best customer experience. When you’re starving and finally have the chance to indulge in the meal you’ve wanted so badly, it’s appreciated and the meal you commonly eat has now become one of the best you’ve had. Imagine transferring this experience to the workforce. As competitors continuously innovate their brand and offerings, offering the customer the best of what you offer only opens more possibilities for them wanting more. They become hungry for what you’re serving. You could serve French fries on a golden platter or the richest prime rib on a paper plate, how you offer the entrée will leave a lasting aftertaste to the consumer more so than the ingredients the meal was made of. Become the chef of your success.

“You must be willing to do what others won’t do—and even take actions that you might deem “unreasonable” at activity levels that seem “obsessive”. - Grant Cardone

Consider the hunger of fasting an entire day only to return home to not have a meal. Consider those starving and unsure of their next meal. Consider those who have consumed three meals of their strolling dinner and “starving” for more. What’s a common factor here? What’s different? The mindset is unique to each individual. Taking a step beyond the norm to accommodate the consumer, environment or even yourself can return a plethora of positive results. The nights you toss and turn thinking of what could have been or what could be suddenly become days of work. What differs work from passion? When you’re starved for success, hours become time increments that simply translate to results. When you’re the only one responsible for producing what you need to survive, you find the methods of survival. Transfer this energy into your work ethic and your work becomes a masterpiece of what you needed but also what you want. This allows you as an individual to “Surpass any and all expectations, act like you really want someone’s business—and do whatever you can to earn it.’”

Waking up every morning with a goal to exceed your own expectations – do more than what the boss says, what the coworkers expect you and what your job description reads. Words and thoughts don’t matter, actions do. Perhaps you’ve created a wonderful experience for the customer, how would you critique yourself? There’s ALWAYS something to improve upon. As millennials, there’s a common misconception that we take what we’re offered and survive with it. What if you could survive the way you want? Always ask yourself questions as to how to surpass all your expectations, pause and embrace that moment then surpass those expectations and

“Remember that the only way to increase appointments is to increase the number of people to whom you speak—and amplify the reasons why they should make time for you.” - Grant Cardone

We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day. How has your role model created the success that you’re so passionate about? How have you invested in yourself? Organize your day to increase your own efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s sleeping patterns or working strategy, when your brain is constantly running with thoughts and your stomach is craving fulfillment, your choice to make things happen is inevitable. Your choice to achieve immense success is a matter of the ingredients you fill your plate with and the mindset carried in doing so.

You're ready for the life you desire. What's it going to take?

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