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Building Brands. One Story at a Time.

About the Brands

When brand identity and design transform vision into reality, our brands define brand experience. That is why our brands offer comprehensive event design and management services that take into account every detail, from planning to execution, to ensure a consistent and impactful brand experience. We specialize in event production, planning and management, and we work closely with our clients to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience that blends brand identity with creativity and audience engagement, advertising and entertainment to create advertainment, and identity with emotion to enhance the connection to your brand presence.

Suite Storees

Est. 2021

Eventually, branding services were revolutionized at Eventistry & Co. and ideas were transformed into stunning real-life displays. Whether it was a bespoke theme or a vision for a new company, the branding services took off in new directions, dimensions, and forms of display. The concept of marketing headquarters for independent brands emerged, along with the idea of a mall and museum with artistic aesthetics. While branding came to life in both the physical and virtual realms, Eventistry & Co. expanded into a new dimension, leading to the establishment of Suite Storees, a mixed reality event production company focused on brand experience. This debut introduced advertainment, a fusion of advertising and entertainment.

The Art of Planning Perfection

Eventistry & Co.

Est. 2014

Established in 2014, our main objective was to create unforgettable experiences for weddings, private gatherings, and various occasions by providing comprehensive event planning services that encompassed even the smallest details such as invitations and design.

The Story of the name:
There’s something about the feeling of art - of ‘artistry’ – the ability to create a masterpiece out of a blank canvas. Ultimately, that’s how the name ‘Eventistry – The Art of Planning Perfection’ was crafted.

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