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Your Next Reality as Simple as This?

Development, Personal Branding, Visioneering.

Self-affirmation for mindset intention: "I am a seeker of attention of the next. I am a presence of awareness of all of the now."

What is it about simplicity that's so complex? What is it about our positioning statements that changes the entire meaning and context of our conversation? Is it the weight of the words or the work of the words? What is it about perplexity that invokes questions with the need for an answer? From our youth of questioning and our curiosity to the unlearning of 'what is mediocrity?'

Every question and every order of words asks “What is the stimulus in our conversation? Behind it? From it?”

In all of our operations as a title, job, role and identifier, we are objectives to the subject - an alias of its alchemy. This is to say that if you were to write all of the labels you’ve ever used as identifiers to reference you, the written words would curate only a form of you. Perhaps this form of you is your present self, a past self or a future self, essentially we are compilations of our collective identities.

To preview the next reality, it is to point and peek through what is around you. Immerse yourself in your present setting.

Notice: there are presets and presence.

Review the reality of you now: the objects, the feelings, and the identity. From the material world to the mechanical world to the mind-full world, we are the compilation of said collection.

Review this reality of your present identity.

Look around your present experience.

What's the architecture like? The technologies? The movements?

Does the variable of reality differ between night and day?

Here and somewhere else?

Then and now?

Is reality a span or a space?

A time or a place?

In all of the constructs of your sights seen, there are energies present.

Which of your presence are the next of your new and best?

Where are you in your "know"?

If mindset were a place, are you me, i or we?

Visioneering Your Future Self as a Goal-Orientation

We’re all too familiar with goal setting. Set an intention, work towards it, accomplish a task, check the goal. Next.

Goal-setting is an awareness. Goal-getting is a mechanism of intention.

Goal setting would be to attend to an intention, such as these items must be accomplished and/or completed in order to achieve the “goal”

Goal-getting would be the behaviors, mindset, and intentions set forth for the task. What is it that you’re trying to “check” on your goal list? What are the motives of the thought process of your operations?

Imagine you’re traveling to a destination, and it's your voice that is your navigation of getting from point A to point B.

The voice inside your head says, “this is the route and here is the map to show you a way from point A to point B.” You are guiding your vehicle on the stops, speeds, roads, and locations of the “getting” to point b from point a. The emphasis on the words and the shift of your attention is on the “to” and “from”.

Orienting a mindset to operate as your navigation system creates alternate modes of your realities. The power of perspective of “goal-getting” is the force of what’s moving you from something, to something or to something, from something.

Could you reflect on your toddler self? What about your pre-teen self? Have you thought about the self of you 13 years from now? What age would your body be?

Does this curate the concept between tomorrow and yesterday? Connect the perspective of what is the definition of your reality. Evaluate the perspective of your selves.

Think about your future self as multiple stops on your route guidance with various scenery, different sites, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Where will you go next?

Who will you be?

Review the reality of you now: the objects, the feelings, and the identity.

What changed?

What’s been created?

Intrigued about styling your success in order to create your next reality? Sweet!

amera is your Metro-Detroit go-to for personal branding and business transformation. More About Amera @

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