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History in the making as the NFL debuts the first-ever prayer halls for the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit.

Working alongside Hussein Mokahal and his team at The Led Lion, we at Suite Storees have collaborated in the design and build of two 200-square-foot prayer halls, one at Hart Plaza and the other at Campus Martius. The First-Ever Prayer Halls at the 2024 NFL Draft is a testament to the power of inclusivity and the importance of representation.

These halls are designed with the area’s Muslim population in mind, but they are open to all faiths. As you step into these prayer halls, you will notice the attention to detail and the influence of Detroit and its story to the history of Islamic art and architecture. But more than that, you will feel a sense of belonging. Our goal was to create a space that not only caters to the spiritual needs of the attendees but also celebrates the community's diversity.

The First-Ever Prayer Halls at the 2024 NFL Draft is a testament to the power of inclusivity and the importance of representation.

I invite you all to visit these prayer halls from April 25-27 during the 2024 NFL Draft. This is not just about introducing a new feature to the draft experience. It's about making a statement - that the NFL, Metro Detroit Vendors - Small Businesses and Large Companies alike, populations of various ethnicities, interests and representation can be a part of a unified vision. 

Together, let's celebrate this milestone and continue to push for more inclusive spaces in all aspects of our lives - one where you can be yourself and feel represented.

As a designer, I have always believed in the transformative power of spaces. Spaces can tell stories, foster connections, and most importantly, they can make everyone feel seen and heard.

This is exactly what we aimed to achieve with the prayer halls - as a part of the draft and as a part of Detroit.

I invite you all to visit these prayer halls from April 25-27 during the 2024 NFL Draft as I am humbled, honored and enthralled to share with you a project that is very close to my heart - representing Detroit, its drive, its diversity and its spirit. As we present to you the first-ever prayer halls at the 2024 NFL Draft in downtown Detroit, we represent what design can do.

It will be sweet seeing you there and connecting with you about this initiative and the ones yet to be made.

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  • What about your current marketing strategy is connecting your audience and online presence?

  • How do you promote your brand identity offline?

  • What could you replicate about your business success into your personal brand?

Often conversations about business transformation begin with how a company is operating, what departments are doing and metrics that are all numerical-based, how does this translate into the conversation of “What’s new” “what’s next” and “What’s best” for the business, for the brand and for you, as the being.

Reviewing Your Current Marketing Strategy

Have you ever thought of your marketing strategy as a series of events designed to share an experience?

How do you define an experience? What elements make up the concept of the word design – to you?

Thinking of your marketing strategy as a series of events allows for the space for you to introduce emotion into the formula of how you can connect to your audience, an audience, and the audience.

Introduce emotion into the formula of how you can connect to your audience, an audience, and the audience.

  • Your audience: Individuals connected to your scope of identity. It’s a “I get it” feeling. Your audience buys into your brand.

  • An Audience: A network of individuals who are connected to you directly, and yet there is a reach opposite of your messaging. It’s a “I’m here, but I have questions” feeling. An audience is aware of your brand.

  • The Audience: The network, the individuals, the feelings all perfectly placed and growth occurs organically, emotions vibrate vibrantly and it’s a “My answers are here,” feeling. The audience is your brand – expansive and exponential.

Let’s think about the series of events in relevance to your marketing strategy. If you host an event, how do you want your guests to feel? How do you want to feel hosting the event? What is the experience pre-event, post-event, and every part of the event?

Let’s think about the creation of the series of your events, what about these feelings can you replicate? In other words, if you’re seeing growth in a particular department of your company, brand or even personal life, would you question why there is a positive improvement? Where is there positive growth? What emotions are invoked relevant to the term ‘positive’ and ‘growth’?

In this series of events, you’re essentially reviewing growth, improvement, and the reasoning of your operations.

Let’s think about the series of events in the realm of your brand identity. Why do you want the guests to feel this way? What accessories assist you in creating this experience? Is there a reason for the colors, the scents, the styles, the ambiance, or all the other factors that are co-creating this series?

#SweetTip: Review the reasons of why you want to invoke a particular emotion.

Define the terms of what each emotion looks like, feels like and how each emotion can be described.

Think of an emotion as an outfit.

Sad looks sad. Happy looks happy.

But each emotion can look differently on every individual and thus your brand identity will look, feel and be experienced differently for every individual because of one word: perception.

Your brand identity will look, feel and be experienced differently for every individual because of one word: perception.

The more you can create familiarity through your invoked emotion, then you can establish a direct-to-intent brand identity.

A simple example: This ad is intended to [action word] for [brand messaging] because of [identity reasoning].

A marketing strategy is that of creating a blueprint of how to speak to your audience through anything other than your most direct communication; it is enhancing the messaging via visuals, technologies, experience, and even, behavior.

“Design a brand that creates a conversation worth an ...and…”

“Design a brand that creates a conversation worth an ...and…”

Learn more about direct-to-intent marketing and creating your next reality by staying connected and staying subscribed.


What could I replicate my business success into my personal brand?

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Self-affirmation for mindset intention: "I am a seeker of attention of the next. I am a presence of awareness of all of the now."

What is it about simplicity that's so complex? What is it about our positioning statements that changes the entire meaning and context of our conversation? Is it the weight of the words or the work of the words? What is it about perplexity that invokes questions with the need for an answer? From our youth of questioning and our curiosity to the unlearning of 'what is mediocrity?'

Every question and every order of words asks “What is the stimulus in our conversation? Behind it? From it?”

In all of our operations as a title, job, role and identifier, we are objectives to the subject - an alias of its alchemy. This is to say that if you were to write all of the labels you’ve ever used as identifiers to reference you, the written words would curate only a form of you. Perhaps this form of you is your present self, a past self or a future self, essentially we are compilations of our collective identities.

To preview the next reality, it is to point and peek through what is around you. Immerse yourself in your present setting.

Notice: there are presets and presence.

Review the reality of you now: the objects, the feelings, and the identity. From the material world to the mechanical world to the mind-full world, we are the compilation of said collection.

Review this reality of your present identity.

Look around your present experience.

What's the architecture like? The technologies? The movements?

Does the variable of reality differ between night and day?

Here and somewhere else?

Then and now?

Is reality a span or a space?

A time or a place?

In all of the constructs of your sights seen, there are energies present.

Which of your presence are the next of your new and best?

Where are you in your "know"?

If mindset were a place, are you me, i or we?

Visioneering Your Future Self as a Goal-Orientation

We’re all too familiar with goal setting. Set an intention, work towards it, accomplish a task, check the goal. Next.

Goal-setting is an awareness. Goal-getting is a mechanism of intention.

Goal setting would be to attend to an intention, such as these items must be accomplished and/or completed in order to achieve the “goal”

Goal-getting would be the behaviors, mindset, and intentions set forth for the task. What is it that you’re trying to “check” on your goal list? What are the motives of the thought process of your operations?

Imagine you’re traveling to a destination, and it's your voice that is your navigation of getting from point A to point B.

The voice inside your head says, “this is the route and here is the map to show you a way from point A to point B.” You are guiding your vehicle on the stops, speeds, roads, and locations of the “getting” to point b from point a. The emphasis on the words and the shift of your attention is on the “to” and “from”.

Orienting a mindset to operate as your navigation system creates alternate modes of your realities. The power of perspective of “goal-getting” is the force of what’s moving you from something, to something or to something, from something.

Could you reflect on your toddler self? What about your pre-teen self? Have you thought about the self of you 13 years from now? What age would your body be?

Does this curate the concept between tomorrow and yesterday? Connect the perspective of what is the definition of your reality. Evaluate the perspective of your selves.

Think about your future self as multiple stops on your route guidance with various scenery, different sites, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Where will you go next?

Who will you be?

Review the reality of you now: the objects, the feelings, and the identity.

What changed?

What’s been created?

Intrigued about styling your success in order to create your next reality? Sweet!

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