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1 Way I Imagine at Emagine

What captured my interest to attending this event: the title, the coincidence and that of course - nothing ends up being a coincidence.

Destiny aligns everything as our awareness is intended to encounter. Even if it's beyond our present-day comprehension; the intention of interest is structured for our perception of growth.

As an aspiring everything-preneur, I decided to expand my network, interests, and curiousity. I browsed Eventbrite in search for events that caught my eye - the title of this did just that.

How to be better in 2022.

So simple yet so profound.

My intention for every single day is to love deeper, grow more, and be better. What's the alternative?

"What's the alternative?" is a question I ask myself often. Life will always happen. Time will continue to move. Phases will continue to pass. What we do in the middle of all of this is either nothing, something or everything. However, what we be through all of this is more of our be coming.

Every day, the choice to choose is really the only choice we end up making. The choice to choose.

I chose my self with this event. I chose to choose growth. I chose to be better.

In the little choices, big pictures appear. How we connect; how we intend to connect; and how our connection ends up connecting us.

What networking events show us isn't that there's any particular right or wrong way to do the "human" thing; it's all in the being. Be+ing.

As I approached the event, I felt a sense of overwhelm - naturally. Will I appear okay? Will I be judged? Will I know how to introduce myself? Will this will that. So many questions that I chose to let go of. So many answers that I chose to surrender to.

I decided to reach out to an accountability partner. Someone who shows up for their purpose and honors the way you show up for yours.

Today it was Amber Maiani. I chose that I needed a confidant as a trusted partner but also someone who can guide me through if I needed that extra push. An accountability partner is someone who can be there for you when you are still working on being there for your self.

The thing with accountability partners is the magic of the energy correlation. Through life, every one has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. Find those across all platforms; seek their strength through your weakness and your weakness becomes a new strength. Seek their perspective through your perception and your perception becomes a new perspective.

When the goal is growth, the mission stays close. The mission to go where you grow will lead you to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar paces but always familiar faces.

I know what you're thinking - familiarity is not often a familiar word. It's often tied alongside comfort.

To be better, comfort zones are for pajamas and play. Creative zones are for passion and pace. When we choose growth, we know that everyone within our journey is aspiring to grow as well.

Through accountability, we have a hand-in-hand that we are not alone.

The event

Today was the day. The butterflies I felt were like a child's first day of school. How do I talk? How do I feel? What do I say? Am I doing this human thing okay?

I found myself asking my self questions that were limiting my excitement. I paused reflected and remembered the intention: go where you grow.

My mindset instantly reframed into excitement, imagination and gratitude.

Gratitude to be alive. Gratitude to meet new humans. Gratitude to see how others exist.

The little things became the biggest things. How do people be people on the public speaking side? How do stories reflect through demeanors? I experienced my selfie through the growth of my experiment. The human experiment is a passion project. Every single identity we connect with is an angel for guidance.

Spirituality comes into play because humanity is always within a pace. How we do anything is how we be any thing, too. To observe, appreciate and grow is a form of self-evolution.

I was fascinated. Fascinated that my identity could be in a new environment with new faces and new stories and be connected. Every speaker, every story, every pause, every PowerPoint, every applaud, every giggle, every piece all constructed a theme: How to be Better in 2022.

The theme isn't always just an event title. The theme is the person you become after. The story is how the construct of the concept shifts your future forward.

Networking is an art form of cultivating communications. It's a compilation of creativity, culture and social connections - it dives deep into characters through characteristics.

I am grateful for the connections of journeys that I've witnessed. To see people be vulnerable speaking to an audience is empowering. To see myself be receptive to my own vulnerability is empowering. The magic of gratitude is that in the appreciation of others we grow within our appreciation of our life's story. Through spirituality, our impact is to be impacted by the stories of others. It's in our limitless belief systems that we can believe in hope because as characters we all align through one thing: connection. Networking is an expansion of evolution.

It's an opportunity to hear stories from characters that share the most valuable ones within their spotlight. Today I grew and that is an art form. Our ability to self-reflect is an art form. To speak our story is an art form. To connect to humanity as identities with power of our purpose is to truly live. Valuing life so much that we value our voice is an art form. To speak freely, openly, safely is an art form.

For we never know who is in the audience of our echoes.

For what we don't know, we grow. For the echoes, we shadow our silence.

Through silence, we appreciate the sounds: the sounds of stories and the sounds of our strength through the softness of their stories.

Stay connected for my next blog post with highlights of the speakers and the life lessons I've gathered!

Thanks for being here.

May you be your selfie+ and go where you grow!


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