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Can you construct a character? Design. Define. Desire. The characteristics:

Intercept your perception:

Define impulses as I'm pulses.

We are wavelengths of communication channels operating as a body of a language. The body language we communicate through is the portal of the person we define as our intended "who."

Depending on your design of mind, these ways of connecting to others, your brand, your business or your present being is an access to a level of consciousness - within you, from a self of you.

Create affirmation: "I free flow energy trans port through all passage ways to clear this body, free my mind, and lift to spirits of souls as i.


After all, our eyes are all ways open awakened as sights of reception.

From identity construction to altruistic inception, here's to the newest revelations of conclusions.

How to merge life events as chapters of characteristics to redefine your narrative and rescript your wiring and why-er-ing:

Affirmation for replenishing intention: "I renew to my who. I am true to my you."

The worth of dignity is the investment of integrity. Be rooted in your growth. The spirits of sovereignty are life's mirror novelties. It's 1000 years out that you're one second in. Invert the manuals and review the instructions. The pre life is the post life; every think is an observation through the portal of your deliverance.

To the body of the i - in the current state of matter. The narrative on a cellular level is that the alterations are happening molecularly. These are the narratives as told by the layers of the life of the you in this format of a who. Hear through. Heal you. Replicate infinitely. Multiply endlessly.

Our only limits are the extent of our ask.

Pose the question. Post the reply. Every think is eye to I. Awaken the alive.

This is your start. You as your art.

note from the designer:

"pause to see that clarity is profoundness - to be. Being humble by nature is the fault of a simple stumble, the fault of your own default to restart what was a passage for you. To move planets by blinks and revive lives by winks. Be the you that defines

I am.

/who part 2."

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