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Constructive dreams as a vision

How do we design a future that we can flow into? It might seem like its a vast question; however, it is about living in the now. The past, future, present and other words can not categorize time as much as they define the period of the now.

As beings, we are constructive dreams and constructed crafts. All as art. Art as one.

Meditation during your present moment is mediation for your present reality.

When you choose to savor the habits that help you grow, you can savor the stories that make up our lives sweetness. All in all, the goal is to see that anything is possible. Sweet or sour is a choice. Through the yin and yang of life, we see darkness and light; heaviness and lightness; growth and glory. Set the scene within your dreams about how you want to be seen.

If failure is a fear, then the success is limited by your thoughts. Nevertheless, our emotional wheel can steer our internal navigation systems clearer. Can you see what you hear? Do you hear what you've seen? Perhaps situations can appear confusing; nevertheless, the moment in itself can not be a confusion.

Are we capable of hearing what we see? Verbs and adjectives and action words shift intentions to create a construct of a thought. So the answer to the question of hearing what we see is silly but it's an opportunity to see that anything is possible.

Stir your thoughts and mix up your imagination. Animating your regeneration through inversion and aversion. Challenge your signs to see that life is science, signs and size. Focus immensely on what you favor intensely.

Exist effortlessly.

Meracles are happening within every cell and every self. The acceptance of the presence welcomes the divine. The recognition of this capability activates the time. The designation of the scene enables the shrine. Your are only an illusion of an existence. Powered by universal forces of perspectives and perceptions.

Journaling is the autobiography of our developed moments and our stories of our truths as our minds have experienced through an observation of our reality. So in choosing to see a brighter vision for your future, surrender the idea of the steps and embrace the journey of what's next.

Constructing a vision is piecing the story through your values. Value your integrity. Apply your authenticity and go where you grow.

Yours Truly,


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