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Convocation: conversational vacations - to nowhere and beyond

11.3.2022 | Convocation: conversational vacations - to nowhere and beyond

The human experience orientation is cognition: the moving gears of re+, -er.

Everything that's comprised to eMotionally experiment with a form of reality - in a format of a life; pre-birth : post birth - pre-self; post-body - pre-life; post-life, pre-soul.

If the concept of external matter can be received and perceived than only our depth of knowledge can be expanded - all from within as without.

The illusion of perception is that its a bias of a thought mechanism - but every thought is a construct too by a receiver, for a perceiver as frequency of a language by the recipient as a being for the body of said subject.

The matters of the mind are languages aligned.

For all of the types of intelligences are pattern blocks of pathways of our brain waves - to stimulate, to simulate, to re (+/i) create.

The umbrella of our networking is our neural net x language set. This is the beginning of our altruistic co+conciousness in one realm of intelligence.

The masses of minds are merely passages of human kinds.

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