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Follow Your Heart

The battle of 'What If' vs. 'What Now?'

We're all naturally curious creatures.

Come on, let's keep it real.

  • How many times have you thought about messaging your crush?

  • What would happen if we were just a little more rebellious and broke more rules? What's a speed limit anyways, right?

  • How many times have you thought about pulling a Karen on a Karen?

  • What would happen if you kind of just free styled that recipe?

  • Would you really be able to find a job you love if you finally quit that horrible 9-to-5?

  • Could you really backpack across Europe for a year?

Sometimes our curiosity peaks our interest in minor ideas and sometimes it comes down to life-changing decisions.

If you think about it, everything comes down to fear vs. following our heart. Deep down we're searching for answers - even subconsciously. It's just how our brain works. It's our curiosity to want to know the who, when, what, why, and how of things and people.

Your heart's voice speaks to you through your feelings. Those emotions were meant to be understood. Listen to your heart. We've all heard that one before.

Nevertheless, fear speaks to us through judgments, opinions, excuses, and materialistic measures. It speaks to us in louder decibels. Fear presents itself as reasons greater than our purpose.

Consider situations in which you've experienced anxiety. After all, anxiety stems from fearing the unknown and overthinking the possibilities of what could happen and then all of those situations that could happen from what could happen.

"It's impossible," said pride. "It's risky," said experience. "It's pointless," said reason. "Give it a try," whispered the heart. - Unknown

Common situations of following the heart vs. fear:

Heart: Leave this relationship.

Fear: How can you live without him/her? You've already been together for so long. What about the kids?

Heart: Find a new career.

Fear: You will likely fail. Who's going to hire me? You don't even have a resume.

All I'm saying is there will always be reasons not to [fill in the blank]. Stop being afraid of what can go wrong and think of all that can go right.

When our time here on Earth is done, wouldn't it have been better to live a life of "oh wells" than "what ifs"?

Following your heart may and will lead you to the path less traveled. You may embark on a journey in which you have no idea the route you're taking; however, your heart knows the destination. Your heart knows the destination because within your heart lies your destiny.

Following your heart is following a higher self, your true self. It's as if your future you is leading your way, even if it may be through trials and tribulations. Your future self is taking you to the people and places truly meant for you. Fear will fade. Fear will always fade when it comes to focusing on the now and later versus the now and then.

Follow your heart.

Find your destiny.

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