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Funneling Our Sights to Design Our Dreams


Journal -

Because its the place to go to be where you no, know & now. All of the ways the body releases the human experience, the mind merely structures the body experiment. The dissipation of all of our cells as we exist; the pre(+/-)view of all of our selves. The meeting of the mind is the making of.

Journal -

The pure existence that our vocalization is a channeled voice extracted from the realms of conciousness to the pairings of personal patterns - from personnel to person - as a persona. The writing as memoirs through the paths of memories.

Journal -

The planner of the possibilities through the potential of an existential matter pre me, post me, as me, the me. Journal the way it was because it is never as it is. the conspiracy theory that nothing is as it is. The conspiracy theory that nothing, no thing as it is. The planner for tomorrow is the planned of yesterday. All an extension of today, today, today.

Journal: the planner of all ways.

i Prompt: [I (animate/activate) my] Mortuary Science: the findings of of our found at ion.

11/18/22 interconnected

What love teaches about life: life teaches about love.

The below of our existence; the above of our experience.

From birth, our doings make us be ings. At birth, our be x ings make us do x ings.

All of the actions between life, death & being are merely behaviors - some from habitats; some as habits.

Why we exist: love. Why we experience: life.

The matters of anything materialized are attractions of the matters. It's always the unlearning to build knowledge.

The worth of the why not is the work of the why.

For all of love is the value of the worth.

We are living to die; are we dying to live?

The value of the moment. The worth of the memory. These are the manifestations of the mind. that the body of the being at birth is the becoming of the doing to death.

For all our guarantees are durations of a dignified body to be exchanged with Earth - at our beginning, at our end, and every think else. Love is the byproduct of anything but. it's the reason to die alive rather be a life to die.

Love is the live: the circle of change.

Self-Regulation "Extraterrestrial souls are frequencies of intergalactic spirits"

11/19/22 dream designer

the bliss body:

Euphoria as a joy stick of reality. you for yeah!

When the bio(+/-)physio(+/-)Logical body vibrates at the highest frequencies, there is that separation of "self". The separation of what a body is & what the being is - as a person - a formation of soul, spirit, & some one.

The state of mind are the grid points of the auric field of said body & the vibrational experience is the toroidal field.

An imaginative bubble of floating through you. 0 zero gravity in the body.

The way we access this vibration is a sense - a sense - a sensibility, a sensation, a sense of perception through a reception. As if we are narrators of the existential reality in which factual descriptions didn't' exist but eMotional characteristics did.

the bliss body: a sense of delusion that perfection is indeed the origin of our co(+/-)creation & the narrator of our brain-body is the creator of said perfection.

The bliss body: our pre, post life body - the one that's iridescent glitter, the wings of an angel, the light of radiancy and the presence of the one & only.

Self-Coherence: "I am existent as a form - of a face, feeling and fantasy. I exist as none of the above."


Entrepreneurial Design & Designer | AmeraFattah .com | Metro Detroit


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