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/ I Tested Positive

/ I Tested Positive

My thoughts were always about you.

I couldn’t go a day without thinking of everything about you.

Sometimes I couldn’t keep you off my mind for not even an hour

but my god,

when I could,

when I did,

I felt so good,

I felt so damn good but somehow it was always you.

You found a way to creep into my life, in every way. You were the only thing that could consume me - I mean all of me - and the hardest thing that I worked so hard to get over

but I promised,

one day, I would do it. I would end it.

I would end the pain.

I would end the suffering.

I would end the heartache and the heartbreaks.

I would end the regrets and I would end the mistakes.

Guess what? the day came and the day went and here I am today; done with you. done with your ways. I’m done with your games,

because you tested me before and I failed,

but as I stand today,

tested in many ways, I’m okay to say.

To my negative thoughts, I’m done with you.

Test me again, and I’ll tell you, thanks but I’m going a different way.

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