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Invigorating Your Brand Experience Via eMotional & Identity Resonance

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Identity Resonance vs. eMotional Resonance and the influence of purchasing power

eMotional Resonance: a psychological influence to redirect an internal stimulus. Can be utilized to influence behavior or persuade an intention.

Identity Resonance: a neuro-psychological influence to access the emotional pathways to guide a stimulus of intended entity. It is to reference a (self, a feelink, and a reality)

What is the difference between a feeling and a feelink when it comes to marketing?

  • A feeling is a temporary bio-physiological response based on the experience of the human experiencing a stimulus. [A stimulated response of an entity]

  • A feelink is the connective thoughts, emotions and ideologies that are interconnected within the experience of a feeling. Imagine zooming in into a feeling to analyze how it started, who is it influenced by and the following after-thoughts created as a result of said emotional response. [An Accessible feature of a self]

How do emotions, identities and resonance affect my relationships between my brain, brand and business?

  • Consider your customer base. When it comes to acquiring a new customer, often emotion is the first consideration. How can our product, service or company be the solution to the customer?

But. what if your company doesn't offer a solution?

Could your company offer an experience?

Of course. Every company, brand, and business offer an experience. This is the introduction to the conversation of emotional resonance vs. identity resonance. Rather than focusing on customer acquisition through an emotion and a temporary experience, this conversation is to tailor your strategies to refine your brand.

A timeless method of engaging an audience through attention retention is to create a brand experience that resonates with the identity of your customer - through different realities, medias and mediums.

The routes of advertising and entertainment to redirect attention through B R A N D E X P E R I E N C E:

Whether you're reading this as an entrepreneur, an independent brand or scrolling through your emails, the conversation is intended to review what is it that you are pre-viewing. When shopping, what do you look for? When purchasing something, what is it you're seeking? When re-purchasing an experience, what was the eMotional resonance that meant something to that identity of you? What about this present self?

Throughout our life, we experience different ages and stages. This is known.

The meaning of "toys" evolves over time as does the meaning of cost, influence and purpose. What makes purchasing power an influential conversation to re-shift the way you see anything and everything?

Ever stared at something a little too long because of the packaging was just mesmerizing? Ever bought something because the visuals were just that aesthetically pleasing? Ever over splurged because something reminded you of another something that just meant some thing?

These are all plays on our psychology - and the power of design.

Attention is what attracts you through advertising. Intention is what relates to you through the entertainment.

What draws you in is what keeps you drawn.

Sketch Your Sights.

When viewing brand design, what resonates with you? Not just what is appealing, ask your present self 'why?' This is where the variation between eMotional resonance and identity resonance begin to separate into different ideologies.

What resonates with this present self is based on a pattern of your present sequencing.

What mode are you in now? How do you actually feel? What do certain words mean to you? What colors are appealing to you? What are some of the characteristics of this present self?

Construct this as a form of a character.

Analyze the brands that you enjoy. Use this character, these characteristics and the brand influence to immerse yourself in such brand experience.

This can be considered one form of your reality.

Questions to consider when designing your brand experience or experiencing a brand reality:

  • How does the eMotional resonance feel?

  • How does the brand influence you after this life chapter?

  • If you were to design 3 life events by this version of you, what would your formula be to recreate a brand reality?

Perhaps identity resonance is intentional marketing to circumstantial events of a pre-designed self in an exponential reality. Multiply your mind in different dimensions. Imagine all of the places your logo could be. From logos to landmarks, it could express you or define your brand.

Emotional resonance is designed for an activated sequence of styles of a mode (time by design.) Imagine all of the feelings you could create through the visual elements your brand represents. From the colors to the characters, the visuals showcase you as much as you display the story of a who.

  • What is the formula to alter a mode x ality? (a form of you in another reality OR another form of you in this reality)

  • In how many realities can such co x exist?

  • What is the span of attention?

  • Define resonance in your current self experience

Love what you've experienced? There's so much sweetness in store. To Sweet Dreams & Suite Storees. Stay Connected. Stay Sweet.



A is for Advertainment Amera

Amera helps leaders alchemize their life-changing experiences into experiences that change lives through innovative brand design and business transformation through identity construction.

+ Speaker: Brand Identity + Relations

+ Designer: Brands + Events

+ Consultant: Marketing + Media

Amera is the artist cultivating communities on canvas' across brains everywhere. Her social platforms are opportunities to share pieces of us in each other - welcome to amera's am(a/u)zement mind. Her humanhood kicked off as an avidly involved student and lover of learning. Her fiery desires for wanting more - out of life, out of the community and out of the power of potential translated from visions of I to visions of the eye.

She is the voice of reason within youthful entrepreneurs and #IndependentBrands who want to build empires out of the ashes of their past. Her life motto: go where you grow. Have you ever been bullied for being you? Her, too. Bully is just another B in the alphabet of opportunity. Amera designed a world of B's via her imagination and innovation. Suite Storees is a #MixedReality social platform designed around her concept of Build Your Own Be.

Best-ie, Brand, Brand Identity, Bee, Being, B. Just B. Build your own being by being your own selfie. Her design of #SelfieMuseums serve communities as immersive and experiential memoir museums. As a designer and event planner, time is a construct of design. Her ability to translate storees into #VisualDesign elements connects her to audiences across different realms. She meets you, connects the dots, and leads you in connecting the spots to build your brilliance as a #BrandIdentity.

So, ready to #GoWhereYouGrow?

Let's Go.

Your spot is saved. Your presence is the present.


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