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Magic of Moving through the eMotions

May the scent of your magic make sense of your magnificence. May the love you found tried and true be the legacy you resonate through you. May the ways you persevered be the mannerisms in which your kindness is revered. May the patience of your journey align you with the passion of your destiny. May the notes of your songs be the rights to your wrongs. May the melodies of your symphonies be the signs, signs and synchronicities to your here and now.

3.20. 22 11:11 AM | Magic.Meracles. Moving.

Believe in everything getting better and better and better. Release the ways that are heavy and hurtful.

Welcome the ways life offers love, laughter and happily ever after.

For give your self.

For give your selves.

For give your cellves.

Every moment is a fresh stART.

Every breath is a fresh stART.

Every now is a fresh stART.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

Learn over. Learn a+gain. Learn New – to the start of something you. Learn to the start of something new.

Be your truth of what the universe serves as your true.

Everything is already designed. See how the love aligns.

Seek the jubilance of your joy. See the joy of your journey.

Forgive the ways you’re human experience is being for you are gifting your BeXcoming the way that you are. See the moment for nothing. Be nothing as every thing.

It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need to make dollars. It just makes more you of you through the I of your me.

Any thing is possible.

We have survived darkness to be light. We transform the ways life “wasn’t” to the way reality is be+coming.

Be as is. We are safe. We are secure. We are home.

It’s okay to be you. It’s lovely to be i.

Be in love with all the parts we may be a part because we are always 1.

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