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MAY you go for the GOAL'd

It's a new month -- HELLO MAY. Life is resuming after two months of quarantine and worlds that were in a vicious cycle of repetition and just existing. One way to get out of the rut is to refocus. Set your eyes on some goals and realign with your purpose.

I find that goal-setting and staying organized is a part of my secret to success. It's what makes me become the better version of myself and remain dynamic.

Here are my tips for goal-setting and getting ahead:

Set some time to declutter. Clear your mind. Unload that brain dump onto something you can reflect back on. Write away in a journal, your phone’s notes app, your yearly planner, post-it’s or anything along those lines. It is best to have your goals somewhere within sight. Catch a glimpse of those beauties every time you’re in a home zone. By home zone, I mean somewhere your goals are safe, visible and within reach - literally. Once you've unloaded those wonderful wishes, categorize them:

  • Career

  • Financial / Personal Wealth

  • Spiritual / Religious

  • Physical / Health

  • Intellectual / Mindset

  • Family/ Relationships

  • Social

then, organize them:

  • Daily goals

  • Weekly goals

  • Yearly goals

  • Five year plan

By organizing your goals, you've created a clear path for how you'll reach your destination. Remember,

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

So what next? Journal about it.

Have a relationship with your goals. Build a solid foundation and grow with it. Ask yourself questions as you'd ask a potential partner.

Here are some beneficial and insightful questions to get started:

  • What steps do you need to take achieve these goals?

  • How often will you revisit them?

  • Who can you tell about your goals?

  • Who will support you in accomplishing these goals?

  • Why do you want to reach these goals?

  • How will you feel when you reach those goals? (Because YOU WILL)

  • What challenges/ obstacles can you face?

  • What will help you say disciplined?

  • What rewards will you offer yourself?

If you've journaled before or just getting familiar with the experience, take some time to reflect on past goals. What daily, weekly, yearly or lifetime goals have you previously set for yourself?

Use this reflection period for growth. Have you been satisfied with your progress? What have you accomplished? What helped you attain those goals? As with any relationship, commit. Check in with them as frequently as needed. Goals - and our lives- are dynamic. They can change - as our lives. Work with them and don't give up once you've faced an obstacle - readjust. Communicate. If you ever feel uncomfortable, ask yourself why? Is it growth? Is it no longer for you?

Feel the emotions behind your goals. Every morning, determine that you're going to have a good day and set your tasks for the day. Everyone faces challenges differently and each day can be vary significantly from the previous or the next. Your tasks can include minor things as simple as having breakfast or meditating for five minutes to larger, more time consuming tasks such as developing a business plan or hosting a corporate event. When the task gets bigger, break it down into sub tasks. This will help you not feel overwhelmed and ensure you're completing the task as best you can. When you create sub tasks as a list for larger tasks, again, you're creating a clear path for how you'll accomplish the larger task or goal.

Review and Redo

Now that you're a goal-setting rock star, reflect upon goals you're setting and goals you've accomplished, then repeat.

Merry May and Good Luck, Goal-Setters!

Have any tips and tricks that help you achieve your goals? Let me know.

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