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Meet and Greet

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Was the start of the school year always a climactic point of your year? Do you remember the mental preparation it needed? It basically took all summer counting down for when summer was going to be over. Then, the closer we got to the start of the school year, the higher the anxiety. There were the times that we were too young to realize that competing for the world’s loudest tantrum would still land us in Ms. Nice Lady’s class. It seemed like the hardest thing we ever had to do, right? It was and still is also like that for our loved ones. That moment of "see ya later" felt like a forever long heartbreak that only faded with the feeling of their presence again. Now, in this digital world, we see everyone’s first day of school, along with all the behind the scenes.

Starting school is such a big deal.

Each year, we went through this same kind of different. As we age, different anxieties come into play: friends, academics, health, finances, and often, a search for identity. There is this overshadowing stress, either forms of fear or excitement, of what's about to happen next.

Think about it.

We knew that we would leave school at a certain time, there would be activities involved, and that everything was done with organization around similarly civilized people. There were seemingly trusted individuals involved and the risk factor of it was low. Somehow, even the start of something familiar overwhelmed us. Why? Fast forward to present day, we’re still on the pursuit of happiness and just upgraded school anxieties to adult anxieties.

As we’ve matured, we understand that the some of the things we complain about, others wish for. School may be a privilege but the education isn't.

The personal development is priceless.

What was it that made that new beginning such a pivotal point in your year? What feelings are associated? Was it fear of the unknown? Was it sadness over leaving a loved one? Did you question your capabilities of succeeding? Was it uncertainty of you not liking it?

Come to terms with the power that’s strong enough to shift your thinking and behavior. Meet it and greet it.

Meet growing pains.

It feels like stretching. Have you seen the benefits? Have you felt the benefits? The first day of school is like the harsh truth of life no one told us about then. You get pushed out into the world with some information and feelings based on your life up to that precise moment. Everyone around you reminds you it’ll be okay, while others make it seem like it won't, and that life change can feel like it’s the end of your world.

Meet growing pains.

Meet it and greet it.

When you recognize it as a growing pain, it’s less likely you’re going to be discomforted by the feeling. At that moment, you’ll realize it’s no longer the end of your world, but the beginning.

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