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Mirrors of Miracles | Merrors of Meracles

fairytales of tales of fairies of faith

May the joy of your journey duplicate your destiny as a replica of your reflection. May the peace of your prosperity enlighten your spirits. May the smile of your strength soften your story to grace your presence as life's greatest present.

The iridescent glitter of an aura of ours. Who are you when all of your cells, selves and cells align? Imagine your spinal cord as your power circuitry.

Love is the force that aligns our column of light within us. The light ladder through our being that generates all the power of our doing. We are mirrors of our perception of our reception.

We can accept what our antennas are attracting. We can be anything so long as we align with our nothing.

Love is the force that gathers our ashes of a human and computes it as a unified mechanism called a human BExing.

What we choose to do is a privilege of cognition. Who we choose to become is an honor of our BExing.

The reflection in the mirror is the REflection of our fields of fairytales. When all we can access is the here + now, surely we can utilize any moment as a transformational opportunity to our form in a trance is to utilize the space to dance, dance, and dance.

Aren't we the same newborn that was experiencing earth as a beautiful blessing? Even as humans, the spirits are what design the hues.

For every hues of a human, every be of a being and every way of living is a story in the making.

There is no answer to life; there is a recipe. There are no answers without the questions. Fairytales are the fairies sprinkling the ashes of our past as the glitter of our glory.

Look at the sun shining. who could design that? Who could paint the sunsets over the mountains and the sunrise of your imagination?

We are a series of blinks and breathing with the force of nature co-existing in this experience.

Life is but a dream. Reality is a love theme.

What we love for others, we perceive through our intentions. Only nothing is permanent, but the memories - they're always forever.

Heaven is here -within our hearts, within our hears, within our here's and our arts. The afterlife is the existence of experiencing the "before" life. For every hell, there's a heaven; for every evil, there's a live; for every frown, there is still a crown.

God is the all mighty, the all righty and the all tightly.

Who keeps our skin so perfectly on our complexion? Who activates our internal systems to constructs our external ones? Who designs faith as a place of ever after? Perhaps it was never a who; and rather a rearrangement of perception. the who is the how. experience the meracles. savor the salvation.

God is in always, all ways love, laughter, and happily ever after.

That's how the beginning is too - merrors of meracles.

Be your bestie. Be your selfie and Go where you grow.


How you view your blessings is how you magnify your magnificence 🔍🧲

That thing you do when you are you? MAGICAL!🤩🥰😍

Do you know anyone else in the world with your story?🎟➡️

Isn't that what makes you, YOU? 🦋 So wonderfully made, so faithfully paved. 🪞

The beauty of this life experience is that we can experiment with versions of our selves to become our best self! 🧠🫀💫

🔸️If you've felt sad, how did it feel? Bad? 🙃🥲

🔸️If you've felt glad, how did it feel? Not sad, huh?😅😁

See➡️ The power of our emotions are also the potential of our power.💪🌳

Choose the feelings that make you FEEL amazing.🫂🤗

🧩After all, in this maze of grace, your sweetness is that the recipe of love 💌always tastes as amazing as savoring the blessings of your meracles. 🥳

🪞Meet the meracles of your meraculous life.▶️ It's the difference between a life 🌱and ALIVE! 🌳💃🕺

May you always #beyourselfie


😘 You are loved. You are love. You are you. 🤩😍🤳

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Envision each hula hoop as a chapter of one of your selves. Essentially, you could name one hula hoop: "inner child- 10 yr old me"; another hula hoop: "future self - 200 yr old me"; another hula hoop: [insert adjective here] me; another hula hoop: "me I want to be"".

You could name the hula hoops however you want; however, consider their frequencies and how they vibrate together, apart or what story triggers them to even start? As you approach different scenes in your life, different selves of your self will try to communicate with you through your cell+ves. Trust the vibrational frequencies.

This is training your intuition through your integrity.

Our bodies are our memory storage; how our reaction responds to a particular hologram is how we manifest meracles in the material world. Use the hula hoop as your invisible armor within your own protective zone. Have fun swinging your hips or visualizing these tips.

May you always be your selfie+ and all ways go where you grow.

Yours Truly,

Advertainment Amera

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