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My Poetic Justice

Here we are. We're all trying to adapt to the "new normal" as they call it. What was normal before to you may not have ever been normal to me. Now we're all facing a world that's been forever impacted by COVID-19. I hope that you read this in good faith and that you're safe and healthy.

With the recent tragedies of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd and the world reacting, I hurt. I hurt deeply. I hurt deeply knowing these injustices are all too common. I hurt deeply knowing there were countless more before and unfortunately, countless more after. I bring up this subject because as the world mourns the loss of these two individuals and mourns the tragic deaths of innocent lives due to racism, ignorance, and hate - I hope we all find the peace in our hearts to empathize more with one another.

This post is in no way to get political or draw attention to public opinion.

This post is for the people with voices that are muzzled. This post is for the people with voices who may not even know their voice actually matters. This people is for the people shouting - in silence.

I'm with you.

To the world, we appear seemingly normal. We may even seem like we have it together. They have no idea. I am an avid mental health advocate - for many, many reasons. Mostly, because I know the power of struggle and the power of strength. I've been high and I've been low.

When we have the choice between strength and struggle, why would we ever choose the latter?

Because sometimes, the latter is chosen for us. There are millions of people in situations that are uncontrollable. There are millions of people without the access to the help they need. There are millions more falling victim to institutions, abusers, and the list goes on. Mental health awareness isn't the answer to hate crimes and world hunger - I get it. However, it's a powerful tool in overcoming the ugliness of this world and seeing the beauty in it.

Through my current struggle, I have been forced to remain silent. I have felt suffocated in my situation and helpless with what I can do or say. Not only has my culture silenced people like me, my anxiety and vulnerability complement the fear of speaking up. We play the shame game when someone appears to seek help or share their "sob" story. We judge and belittle the unknown by finishing the story based on our narrative and how we choose to depict the characters. We point our finger without realizing that three fingers are pointing right back at us.

I refuse to be a part of the culture that silences our victims due to shame, fear, embarrassment, reputation, etc. I refuse to continue to be silent about things that I know are literally killing my sisters and brothers around the world - innocently. I have chosen myself. I have chosen the power of strength. I have chosen to reveal what's been lying underneath the veil of "normalcy."

I know that my words will impact one individual to know they are not alone. My words can shake it up for the person who's merely just existing. My story can resonate with you - the one thinking that no one else gets it. You are not alone.

Here's my poetic justice.

I have words that flow from a place of silence. Feelings that have festered into deep expressions. Stories that have shaped me into a mold of heartbreak and a heart that's awake. My story is now mine to tell. I have taken one thing back and that is the power of me. You just wait, and I promise, you will see.

[my poetic justic. af.]

Stay tuned. More poems debuting.

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