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Peeking through

Dear you,

No one is perfect, but you are perfection.

Applying for a job? don't try to sound all fancy or unnatural, it peeks through. Dating fresh? Learning about your self? Exploring Earth?

Let your PEAKS PEEK through.

Tell people how you called 30 people before you got one person to get on board. Tell them how you failed so much that you laugh at your failures because you FEEL like a winner. Tell them how you don't know if your resume makes sense, your dreams are too wild to believe and how you'll outshine yourself every damn day.

Tell them of your stories when you were so hungry for success you used it to share your story AND with a smile on.

The only RIGHT way to do something is to do it YOUR way. Authentically - and with all the ways that make it yours.

The ONLY difference between failure and success is the label. The ONLY difference between loser and winner is the label. THE only difference between you and I is perspective.

I hope you know this entire post is for YOU: to know you're worth it - ALL of it. You can work for your dreams or you can let your dreams work for you.

I can only promise you one thing:

The universe will give you everything you want. God will give you everything you deserve.

Yours Truly, Love Always, For the sweetest good for all, me.

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