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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

What's my first blog post going to be about? The dilemma I’ve pondered often but not seriously enough.

It’s going to define my brand.

It’ll shape what’s to come.

It’ll set the tone.

Yeah, no.

This is my little sketch book.

2018 has taught me a lot about that. What’s mine?

I didn’t know what my first blog post was going to be about. It didn’t click until it hit me that things sometimes just don’t “click” with me.

I’ve tried clicking the easy button many times. MANY. Times.

But what defines us? How do authors finally name their autobiography?

I wouldn’t define myself with a blog post. No words could ever define a whole human. There’s a story. A legend. There are survivors and there are soulmates. How could words define those experiences?

So what’s the blog post going to be about?

Well, where do I start? What chapter? How do I share the story? What really represents me? Does my personal brand really define me? Do the topics focus on entrepreneurship, empowerment or etcetera?

What color actually represents me? How will I transfer my thoughts to paper then to the public? Will I ever know what the blog post will actually be about?

This is me learning about what’s mine in my journey. This is a cluster of my 4 pm thoughts written at 4 am. This is me define-less, boundaryless, and selfless. This is learning that selfless isn’t selfish and selfish isn’t selfless. This is being all over the place but still here. This is not caring but being thoughtful. This is making sense but in a it-makes-sense-to-me.

This is a sketchbook of memos, memoirs, and moving elements.

This is abstract yet clear as a sunny summer day.

This is my first blog post.

Yours Truly,

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