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The Moment through Momentum

A magical Monday of amazingness.

Today's a day of expanding energy fields. The recharge of identity through the integration of intuition + integritty. Throughout our challenges, we invest everything into nothing. Even "something" is a descriptive word.

What sacrifices do we make that allow us to be entitled to nothing and worthy of every thing? The sacrifice of our selves.

Releasing our past self to greet our new self. Through our intuition, we dive into our tuition: the school of reality. We are students of the universe - all in the same classroom, and seeing our own stories. We are all intuitive energies aligning within quantum fields.

By creating characteristics as a unified character, we design the brightest future as an agenda of our now.

Our integritty is what refines us.

Our character is what defines us.

We often appear as a story and yet each day, a new page is available to us.

The narrative we tell our selves is the precursor to the words we write our self.

To choose magic is to choose the possibilities of surprise: life's expected and unexpected meracles. Our intuition strengthens when we release the weight to be light: to trust in tuition, pay attention to what is worthy of everything.

Be all in to go all out.

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