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"The Next Level" | FT. Areej Daghlas

It started with a compliment then a collaboration. The collaboration brought commitment and commitment brought compliments. The cycle continues.

I have an intriguing way of sharing a story. Let's build with the backstory.

Areej and I have been friends for several years. I've always trusted her with my makeup for my special occassions and all my referrals have always been exceptionally pleased with her as well. Although trust in friendship varies from the trust of a professional relationship; ultimately, it's about the trust.

We've always appreciated each other's work ethics, styles and the differences of both. I had an idea to do a professional shoot for Eventistry and I knew it would be the ideal opportunity for a collaboration. Plus, I already had a dream team in mind.

After a successful day of idea-sharing, women-empowering, and taking things to the next level with Areej Daghlas and Cher Lee of FemmeNoir, we created a vision. Areej was ready to show off her talent in a new capacity. She was seeking all the ways of reaching "the next level." She committed. It was important for her to maintain her identity but project her character and talent. We discussed her goals and style to capture her vision with her brand. That commitment brought the opportunity for me to express MakeupByAreej digitally to all of you and her valued clients.

The compliments were merely inspired by the commitment.

The cycle continues.

Check out for more.

In addition to a brand board which includes the following:

- One hour consultation

- Custom logo suite

- Custom selected pairings (font files shared & downloadable)

- Custom color palette (color values provided)

- 10% off website design services by Eventistry

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