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Wild + Wovenly Onederful

The wow of our wild; the while of our wild

May the joy of your journey play with you through the narrative of your story. May the playfulness of your spirit pay it forward for your future, pay it through your past and pave way for the destiny you are so worthy of. May the destination of your destiny align you to the love, laughter, and happily ever after you've dreamt of - you're here. It's here. May home heal your happiness to the heart of your forever, always, and now.


If we aren't dancing through the dilemmas, what are we doing? Our bodies crave celebrations; its a culture embedded into our gene pool to keep on swimming whether you're wearing jeans as pants or genes as a cosmic makeup - i mean, cosmetic.

What makes us wild? It's our ability to choose; our capability of choice.

What greater freedom in the world is there than the power of choice?

The meracle of our mind is that all of these choices have already been chosen - gene pool and all. nevertheless, our wow factor is how we weather the storm - Earth's gift of our eMotions.

The ancestors of our kingdoms united through the momentum of movement, the frequencies of feel amazeing feelings and the limitless love through the laughter.

What makes love the universal language is in our choice to live with it, lead through it, and lose anything but it.

What greater force is there other than love, laughter and happily ever after? What greater gift can we treasure as priceless, yet worth everything? The gift of nothing - no thing.

Everything love is wild and free.

The dream is to swim, fly and dream above all the why; rise through the meaning of I and soar through time.


Check out this piece from the blog: "Constructive dreams as a vision"

Stir your thoughts and mix up your imagination. Animating your regeneration through inversion and aversion. Challenge your signs to see that life is science, signs and size. Focus immensely on what you favor intensely.

Exist effortlessly.

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Imagine your dream life. Do you have to close your eyes and breathe deeply for three seconds and three seconds out? Do you just look around and see it? Do you have to time travel through the dynasties of time to experience it?

Your dream life is within you - who else could cultivate, capture and create the vision if it isn't YOU?

No one is you and that is the meracle of your dream. Your dream is exclusive to YOUR destiny. The meracle of your mind is that you have the choice to IMAGINE what ever it is you want. Imagine the feelings first, then step into each emotion as if it was a costume of your own culture. Imagine feelings as capes of superheroes - try on courage, try on imagination, try on dreaming!

We are super heroes; have you asked yourself why you're alive today? Why you're alive tomorrow - oh wait. There is only NOW. Not even today. We are only guarantors of our NOW.

Dress up your costumes of your creativity with all the characteristics of the character you are. To become your next best you, you must imagine this you as your true. Playing pretend is not just for kids, its a way to soothe our brain into believing we are indeed capable of the greatness within our glory.

The smile of our surrender is to attest to our personal power that we are capable of anything.

If your mind can go there, it is a matter of events before your body is introduced.

Imagine your feelings as your friends.

Dress up your dreams and step into your sweetness.

You are capable.

You are deserving.

You are everything you can be,

and that's what makes you

perfectly your selfie.

Today, tomorrow, and every day, may you always be your selfie and may you all ways go where you grow.

Yours Truly,

Advertainment Amera

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