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A is for Advertainment Amera

I help leaders alchemize their life-changing experiences into experiences that change lives through innovative brand design and storytelling your storee strengths.

+ Speaker: Brand Identity + Relations
+ Designer: Brands + Events
+ Consultant: Marketing + Media

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designer + consultant


h e l l o

Amera is the artist cultivating communities on canvas' across brains everywhere. Her social platforms are opportunities to share pieces of us in each other - welcome to amera's am(a/u)zement mind.  Her humanhood kicked off as an avidly involved student and lover of learning. Her fiery desires for wanting more - out of life, out of the community and out of the power of potential translated from visions of I to visions of the eye.

She is the voice of reason within youthful entrepreneurs and independent brands who want to build empires out of the ashes of their past. Her life motto: go where you grow. Have you ever been bullied for being you? Her, too. Bully is just another B in the alphabet of opportunity. Amera designed a world of B's via her imagination and innovation. Suite Storees is a mixed reality social platform designed around her concept of Build Your Own Be.

Bestie, Brand, Brand Identity, Bee, Being, B. Just B. Build your own being by being your own selfie. Her design of selfie museums serve communities as immersive and experiential memoir museums. As a designer and event planner, time is a construct of design. Her ability to translate storees into visual design elements connects her to audiences across different realms. She meets you, connects the dots, and leads you in connecting the spots of build your brilliance as a brand identity.

Brands - Amera - Logo - Suite - Palette - JPG.jpg
Baby Playing with Building Blocks



As a mom of two toddlers, PLAY is vital for proper FUNctioning. Having a playful approach to opportunities allows me to transform problems into puzzles and craft up solutions creatively.

Take a playful approach to being your bestie and building your brand. Life's greatest inspirations come from observing children's resilience and determination to play and learn.


Did You Know Amera Means Princess?
Stories were designed to share; fairytales are designed to start here:

Hello and welcome to your best chapter yet: the one where we connect. I am a firm believer that coincidence is the universe's way of saying 'you are at the right place at the right time.'  As a dreamer, my only struggle is having ideas too crazy for anyone else to understand. Sound familiar? As a doer, I work long hours and wear countless hats finding ways to fulfill my crazy - until I discovered the appropriate term for that love affair is called "entrepreneurship."
(& now more so: mompreneurship)

How We Met

So, you're a youthful entrepreneur wanting to alchemize the connections between your brand, your identity and your relationships? Oh yes, you are definitely at the right place at the right time. Since you have built the ones around you; I am here to guide you in cultivating the ones within you: from self-loath to self-growth; from prophecies to profits; from corpses to corporations, together, we will transform our life-changing experiences into experiences that change lives.


Rewriting Happily Ever After

It wasn't always fairytales for this princess. Depression, anxiety and self-doubt consumed my life, living on a path of darkness to the point of a suicide attempt in 2016 - only one month after a dreamy honeymoon in Santorini. Years of therapy and self-discovery have since aligned me with my people, passion, and purpose to serve for the greater good. I'm here to share and show my story and how I have used the power of the brain to activate new life into my body, brands. and brilliance. You can, too. Living is to design the dream around you from the one within you. Let's get started.


Brand Identity | Visioneering Consultant

BYOB: Build Your Own (Bestie/ Brilliance/ Brand) or all three. Your brain has a brand new idea for your brand and you're ready to take that idea from vision to a real sight to see.


Activate your extraordinary, here.

Workshops + Bookings:

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Events | Brands | Advertainment

Want to design a dream brand or event that impacts lives forever? Get started here.

+ Logo Design

+ Business Cards

+ Multimedia Marketing

+ Advertising + Promotions

+ Personal Branding

+ Social Graphics

+ Media Marketing

Pick Your Piece(s):

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Workshops + Community Connections

Throughout a diverse career path, Amera's entrepreneurial endeavors connected CEOs and the innovative interns- within themselves and through their teams. Introduce FUN into your fundamentals via engaging workshops and immersive events. 

Together, let's build brilliant brands!

All Access. Here:

My entrepreneurial journey kicked off as an overly involved college student with a burning passion for wanting more - out of life, out of my community and out of the power of potential. I desired more, so I created more. College introduced me to career paths beyond titles I thought were once my definition of successful. That chapter was the induction to my purpose.

As Student Services Director at Oakland University, I restructured the campus transportation service, created a bike share program, kickstarted a legal aid program for students, and developed and implemented a discount tumbler savings service to name a few - all currently thriving now - nearly a decade later. I strived for greatness as a college student choosing to build a legacy in the environment around me - only to realize, it built a purpose to the identity within me.  My events background stemmed as a leader for Student Life Lecture Board in which I spearheaded the Blake Mycoskie Speaking Engagement, founder of TOMS Shoes & Eyewear. With 1800+ sold out attendance and immense positive publicity, being my first solo event, I knew success was imminent in this industry - the industry of self-love, pursuing your purpose, and going where it feels like home. I decided I want to spend the rest of my life designing scenes for people to be seen: dreamy events.

"corporate never captured me , so I designed a career that could."

After an eventful and empowering college career, I transitioned into the corporate world.  I quickly gained knowledge in a multitude of industries and built a substantial network, which launched me into independence and pursue my opportunity of entrepreneurship. Throughout the years, I tried out an assortment of entry-level job titles. The closest one to my liking was a marketing and content creator; nevertheless, the 9-5 path wasn't my idea of freedom. So with a lot of hustle and self-exploration, I pursued entrepreneurship as a full-time investment - for myself, my brand and my pursuit of purpose.


In 2014, Eventistry and Co. debuted. My creativity and work ethics finally had a place to come to fruition and it's been a story of growth that's one for the books. Eventistry is Metro Detroit's premier resource for events, invitations, and design service.  Starting off with wedding planning, my clients sought more of my services which allowed me to expand into custom invitations and graphic design. Thus, the shift into personal branding evolved as I began to design my business as myself.


As I networked more and my clientele diversified, I became well connected with numerous business owners who entrusted me with their brands and building something more. ​Fast forward to present-day, Eventistry & Co. is proud to be the brand building brilliant brands. The journey to greatness evolved into the fruition of sweetness. From designing dreams to building dreams, I'm empowered to be here with you designing dreams as an agenda and your purpose as your pursuit.

Step Into The Storees

My newest endeavor is a revolutionary twist on BIAS: Brand Identity Animation Studios (coming live to Suite Storees.) It is incredibly inspiring to be the designer of an immersive and experiential yearbook of Michigan's faces and spaces. Join the self-love journey as we debut a revolutionary venue that connects to our communities via selfie studios with a mental wellness mission to go where you grow. We are on our way to shift the world by utilizing advertainment to design you as your best self-ie.

Explore an immersive + transformative social content house that's designed with you in mind. In partnership with a team of including my personal mental-wellness coach, our community is taking you into a mixed reality world where you can be your selfie while building your brand - right here at home @SuiteStorees. We are taking you beyond this digital playbook and right into it - authentically your way.

From self-loath to self-growth; from prophecies to profits; from corpses to corporations, here is where I connect my storees to yours; together, we will transform our life-changing experiences into experiences that change lives - 
One Storee At A Time.

Repeat this:
my life-changing experiences are worth transforming into
experiences that change lives

the brand look book


Here's where you can access the sweet resources that inspire my brands and encourage the potential of creativity.  Shift from what's now to what's new and what's next. Be your bestie and build your brand.

Free Resources

the foreword is backward:
you design your dream life then hit the play button

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