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A sm!le with sUccess

the mind body coherence

the harmony of a heartbeat

the sweetness of the sounds

the connection of the divine

Dear Selfie,

We are all animated story tellers existing as an immersive memory book. Our thoughts as a kaleidoscope of experience, emotions and evolution; our chakras as gauges of our mind-body connection; our heart beats as the fine tuner of our own love song with life.

The difference of our bodies is the wavelengths of our hearts' beats. The melodies of our beauty radiate through the frequencies of our feelings.

Our self success is hand-in-hand with our self sabotage. We can hold hands, high five or hear our hearts.

When babies grow within us: a heart beat within a heartbeat, our self awareness sky rockets.

God is the greatest gift of our awareness and ability to self sooth.

We are our own darkness if we haven't seen the light; but being the light is giving up the internal fight. A heart beat within is soothing the heart beats without. The concept exists as life and rebirth, not life and death.

The meracle of harmony is that the wavelength travels to the innocence of our souls and the passage of the unknown.

Self regulation is the visualization of alignment to the gauges of our greater service within our bodies to give, grow and glorify our experiences.

The positivity is our power. The negativity is what we devour. For what would an unborn feed on if it isn't love, laughter and happily ever after?

The way to live is the willingness of life. The surrender of the soul. The art of allowing: the body for Earth, ears and evolution.

The heartbeat in coherence with our stories is our truth. To free float through life; be light, feel light and light light.

Be all in with your truth as your greatest vulnerability.

What is your integrity without you? Who is your authenticity without you? What is your story without the sweetness of your strength? What is evolution without destiny's intervention?

The darkness designs the dreams, The light powers on the teams - as your identities of all versions of your selves as your self. For we are experiencing a new body and new be+ing every single moment.

Some may wait for a mistake, yet others stand for your strength; the alter ego of our stories is the salvation of our strengths. Our hand-in-hand approach to healing through the hearts' beats.

Hear your heart beat, tune into the Earth as your heat and choose to still be sweet. Our chapters are all a part of our unique, soulfull sundae treat.

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