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Cluelessly Co-parenting

Who knew the poopiness we'd all be getting ourselves into through little kiddos? Co(+/-)parenting is the tug of war of your heart. It's the heartbreak in every second you choose to surrender your strength and embrace your child's journey as one of their own.

Through growing up, we see our roots dive down. Through growing young, we dive down to see through. Through growing together, we connect the family tree uprooted within our seeds and rero(o/u)ted through our trials and tribulations.

It goes from that first heartbeat to their terrible twos to suddenly crushing your heart in awe that you could love a simple smile more than any other thing in this world. As a mother, it's the most surreal experience feeling an entire being grow within you - it's the most overwhelming yet powerful experience in the world. How could one describe the journey of parenthood aside from reconnecting to their originhood?

The co-parenting conundrum is releasing your idea of what perfection as a couple could be. It's seeing that family is universal through loving our youth as our truth. Their fresh beginnings our are perfect opportunities to build a brighter future. Only in their eyes can we reconnect to our purity, power, potential and passion of pursuit.

Co-parenting has taught me nothing is what you think it is and everything is exactly how it should be. Regardless of how you feel about your life, the greatest miracle of your life is to have one.

The greatest blessing we could ever have is to breathe and blink. It truly is that simple. Everything as a bonus is the meracle of life.

Co-parenting has taught me to love from near and afar. It taught me that spouses are friends and angels as spouses. Co-parenting shows me that we're all here for love and seek it through familiar phases and familial faces. Perhaps that is truly the meracle of the journey of life and death, is that all-in-all, it all intertwines.

Our hatred and our love is filtered through the lens of our eyes and mirrored through the personality of our i's.

The innocence of Mother Earth's nature is that is everlasting and ever wonderful. Within our thoughts, we can access our strength to surrender. Within our innocence, we can access our willpower to be passionate. Within our youth, we can revert to having fun and being one.

Through single parenting/co-parenting, I've learned the label doesn't matter as long as our hearts are full of laughter.

From happily ever after to happily ever beginnings...


  1. Love youniversally. Design an Earth that your children are safe everywhere. Embrace the air that your selves are smiling anywhere.

  2. Tell a journey that's sweet. Who knew that you'd be reading a blog post about co(+/-)parenting. It applies to connecting any chapter of you growing up to glow through.

  3. Play all day. Dream all ever. from their first memories, to our first stories, remember that every second is a fresh start to play, pursue, and per use you. We're dreams as beings and beings to dream.

Think of your grandchildren or your great great great great legacies, think of their memories and the times ahead. What kind of Earth would you want to see you come back to? Perhaps a smiling face as a reflection of you is the perfect place to place your self in honor of your personal wellth.

Within our narrative, is a way to parent our selves through our personal experiences. Whether it's a colleague at school or a friend you haven't seen for a while, the choice to smile is one we can always choose. Kiddos remember happy memories and being loved. The greatest gift we can honor as parents is to nourish our fulfilling spirits through our divine power as ease, bliss, flow and this.

May your journey to guide others inspire your selfie.

May your leadership of love lead your light lovingly.

May your influence on your innocence reflect a new beginning - for happily ever always.

Yours Truly,

A Meracle

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