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Designing Time With A Youse In Mind

May your prayers be always in all ways fluid, for giving and for ever. May the way you be power full be powerless. May the ways of your acts of nothing embrace your chapters of every think. May the motions of your feelinks connect you to the new, next and best within every moment. May the way time connects your story be the grace of your personal note worthy storee. May the evolution of your eternity alchemize the destinations through your destiny. May wonders of worldly realms expand through universal dimensions across all space, paces and phases within your here and now, new and next and you at your best.

In all the ways one could reshape a narrative is by how the story is seen, felt and experienced.

A growth mindset is merely a state of min(e/d) in the now, now, now so therefore any memory, memoir, or pictured story is in the “then,” “then,” “then,”.

Our feelinks that are linking our thoughts, eMotions and feelings are the pattern gaps we recreate. Between the space of nothing, our thoughts of something are the re+creation of a self.

Autopilot is the state of self separate from the selves, cellves, and a perceived self.

In the now, now, now, time expands from different dimensions of micro-macro.

  • What states of self are in between to be?

  • What does the state of min(e/d) view for a vision of spectrums of selves?

All encompassing is a re+direct of direct+ions.

Separate styles of stories structure a theme of time based on experiment of the experience.

Styles of memories appear through different dimensions.

5.12.22 | Earth Living. Sky Walking. Sun Flying. Here Trying.

Thankful. Thankfull. Thankfully yours. The simplest things can mean the most.

Just the thought of a thought changes every thing.

To be grateful for the way meracles attract miracles is the blessings out loud.

This chapter of chivalry is the observation of the experience.

Be beautiful through your mannerisms as you float through the currents of life’s special moments.

The beauty of nothing is that the universe has already aligned everything: the magic, the momentum, the magnificence, and the theme of all of your next realities.

The ar(e/t) of energy is vibing through the eMotions to see the way our feelinks connect us.

Everything is inter+connected. Nothing is inter+twined.

The beauty of the simplicity of these concepts is that we can imagine our own definitions of how we draw the lines. The magnetism of mind is a miracle maker of eye+i+y.

All of our senses are pieces of our presence in the here+now.

It is amazing to pause, breathe, be. Within this moment; this life; this reality to view the vision through the different dimensions of all that could be within our realm of real+ity.

Be grateful for every “little” moment – for it is ever expanding, ever lasting, and ever transforming into the futures of for ever and the land of eternity.

5.13.22 | The Faith of Flying, Freeing, Ffeelink

Write your way through your eMotions. Feel through your feelinks within your human experience to activate your super natural.

We are one of a mind as one of a kind.

The world is a series of images, imaginations and innovations.

The way we are is nothing; the way it all works is no thing; the way to understand any thing is to experience nothing.

The simplest things are often (felt) as the most complicated.

Trust this chapter of chivalry. Trust the journey of joy.

The art of experience is the energy of experiential.

Be present within this moment and affirm your present identity through the identifying ways of your wonders.

  • What styles of success are you grateful for?

  • What brain brilliance is within your cape+abilities?

  • What about your BExComing is most active within your being?

All of these questions are activations of a thought sequence to remedy your re+view of reality.

If everything is perception, then matter is nothing. If everything is imagination, then innovation is nothing.

Alchemizing ambitions is a free-flow through these stories as a mechanism of mind.

Access the best parts of your chapters and awaken your light, love, laughter, and happily ever after.

The mannerism of sophistication is the patterns of patience, personas, possibilities and potentialities.

Through all phases, paces, and faces, start the story of your new + now + and through your new, next and best.

5.14.22 | Religion Is An Opinion As An Option Of.

The celebration of everything as nothing to practice strength + embrace courage.

Trust the journey for what it is.

Be gentle through the way you transition through thought waves and patterns that you see, be and are.

Gentle love is in the act+ion of nothing.

Simply BExing your self as a human experience allows the body to be a part through the BExComing.

See the way nature flows and dances through you.

See how love sings all of its notes through the melodies of the here + now.

All of loves little treasures are the nothingness of the unspoken.

Love is the mirror of everything through the invisible, indivisible, and reverse+able.

The way a thought can influence a story is much like an element can re-structure an identity.

The pieces of a person are merely identifications of an illusion of a being.

Much like an invisible character is visible within a thought; a visible thought is a character within a physical dimension: a plane of reality; a dimension of a thought.

The act of nothing is an attraction of altruistic characteristics.

The yin yang of free-floating through space to feel nothing, see every think and become all of the space between.

5.18.22 | The 8th World Wonder

Exploring a wonderful world of whimsical energies: the way exploration through a soul feels is like curiosity + creativity + compassion.

  • If the world is ours as our own selves, what would it be like?

  • What would we choose to see, perceive and believe?

These are all meracles we receive. All in all, we are no+thing as a body, a BExing and a BExcoming.

Everything in between is a byproduct of brilliance.

What happens when we switch lives with an alter identity?

We access other dimensions of alternate real+ities through our own personal perception – all still within the soul of the self ; all within the realm of the selves and all through dimensions of multi-mediums of personal wealth.

Our eternal lives began upon self discovery in the human realm.

  • How else could we be here in this very present moment?

  • Who else could we be?

A compilation of collective stories and synergies of every thing + think we could be within a plane of perspectives. The way life flows is a sensation of personal growth.

Everything is mind when we matter; everything matters when we mind.

Design a world of imagination through self exploration.

Design a uni+verse of forever within self reception of soul’s perception.

5.23.22 | Magnetude Of Meracles

The richter scale of earth’s momentum is to assess where we are in proximity to our presence: as a BExing, as a BExComing, through a self.

All the ways we learn about matter is within the illusion of the mind; all the styles we grow through a mind is the delusion of selves.

All of experience on this “plane” of reality is merely a lens of perception.

Our consciousness is that of a panoramic view of our life + reality + story.

The awareness of our state of mind is merely a body activation within a realm of reality via multi+dimensional co+creations.

Everything we are capable of is a frequency of thoughts + eMotions + feelinks.

Believe that the best of meracles are already activated.

If it’s within your imagination, it’s only a pattern of sequential events away.

The love we are is the style we embrace.

All dimensions of our ways of being are states of min(e/d).

Ask more questions to access the possibilities of your personas. Our personalities are animations of energies as our ambitions are alchemies of meracles and meracles and meracles. The signs, science, and spirits will appear greater, grander and gracefully as you immerse more into the human experience.

Embrace the narrative of this new chapter.

The story is beginning again and again and a gain; for ever in all ways for always, choose no thing.

5.24.22 | Frequentsees

Sometimes re+creation is life’s co+creation.

The brain “fog” feeling is a delusion through the illusion.

‘What does “some” + “thing” mean?’ is a reference of the worth of a thought.

Where we place value on our reality is how we activate a thought frequency to animate the time + space dimension to appear as a scene with in the ‘seen.’

For a separation of sense would merely mean to re+evaluate the tangibitility of our human characteristics any ways. Styles of selves are structures of cellves.

How could one co+exist in the “worldly” realm unless the science, signs, and spirituality are in co+here+ance through the self?

The multidimensional world is that of imagination.

  • What's on the alternate realm?

  • What's through it?

  • What’s with+in it?

  • How do the words add up?

  • Why do the structures define the meaning?

Much like the sequence of words construct a theory of relativity, the vibrations of these human-like dimensions are states of min(e/d) > what’s possible is essentially any thing as a think.

Matter + mind + magnitude are series of theories.

Everything as a pattern of potentialities, valid within a concept of a co-creation.

Only nothing exists in reality; everything else is a thought of a thought within an all+usion of a life (story/situation/sequence).

To be present in the now, alternate the ways the self is through, with, in, and out.

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