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Destinies as Destinations: By Dream Through Mind.

11.10.22 | The memory of I am is a memoir of the me

If we learned one thing about the year of the reader, it is that we don’t learn from people, we learn through ourselves in the presence of a person: the I, the me, the we.

All inversions of a reception.

Anything else is the illusion of alternating currents: an information exchange.

What [self]’s learned is that knowledge is a concept of ideology.

Our pre-birth was the equipment for all extractions of our existence. When the body and being separate into other souls and spirits post human-experience, all that’s left is everythingk.

So we do exist as nothing: no think - merely influences of an identity as a cumulative entity of all our collective spirits, souls and stories. All we can teach another is the mannerisms to perceive themselves. To mirror mind a reality; we are parenting ourselves that nothing is forever and therefore no thing is for ever.

The spaces make the difference.

The identity is the difference. If all we can do, is be, we are BeXings. For all we have been is doings.

The making of a mind is the comprehensive capability to re, un, me wind.

“There are loops, cycles, and orientations to which we view, see and alter.”


Between the ‘I surrender more’ and ‘I’m ready now’ there’s an expansion of all states of your self. From selfless to selfish. For ever as forever.

To AAA, create somethinkg new. For you. For who. Every day.


11.12.13 | For all ways. Always. Death do us a stArt.

Self-CoConciousness: "I am mortal as a body; immortal as a being and a portal as a be.”

11.12.13 | Any demons faced are facades: man made.

Every and any think is an expulsion of perceived memories embedded in a muscular body of an animated self of a being. The proximity to any memory is simply the awareness of identifying the entity.

Formulate the equations of your behavioral sequences to manipulate your brain to meet your mind.

To recreate, de+construct.

At the foundation, everything matters. At the top: nothing. The view of you is any thing you knew and every think you new. The material world holds magnets of eMotional attractions within every object: inanimate or animate.

We speak – with out saying a word. We be, without being a worth.

From the foundation, you build to create. From the creation, you found to build.

It’s the elasticity of the spectrum; for every point of reference, there are infinite sides to the point <-> the elasticity of the spectrum. Everything – is always, always – in perfect order. Every think? Every think is always in perfect frequency. To see what thoughts you’re frequenting. Be the elasticity of me spectrum.

The view at the top is set from the stArt.

11. 11. 22 | The PR of iR. Thanks 4 watching “me, too” You, too!

What is displayed is a byproduct of de’splayed. (+)

The mvmt (-)

Our nurturing spirits are intended to give, give, give in order to build better. It’s the materialization of our manifestations. Our nurtured souls at birth are here to be clear for materializing matters of the mind – from the pre-birth script. Our nurturing souls are deliverables to activate what’s awakened from our bodies that make up a being. For if “mother earth” isn’t the intention. What is.

If it’s year zero in humanity, what builds?

Who stArts?




All of the questions are then a matter of divine order that the spectrum we see is an animated scope of a ‘be.’ Divine measured deliverables of a lifespan: to be. To see k. to dream. Out loud.

Self-reCognition: “Survived lifes to be a, live. Survived lives to revive Alive.

11.13.22 | Re Verse to >>|

Angels from all angles.

The double slit experiment of fate.

Perhaps the souls we meet are the spirits we keep. Perhaps the spirits we keep are the souls we greet. It’s all interconnected, so it is also intertwined.

The center of infinity is the center of the universe – an intersection of a plot ( x ).

The magnets. The mangetude. The magnet@tude.

The depth of our actual existence is an attraction point of anything possible; nevertheless, consider the definition of a point -> a directional precise location to a reference. It’s all merely an orientation of how we see what we view.

As light is expansive. As light as expansive. By wait. By weight.

We disperse our existence through the angles we retrospect and retrofit. Just like the lens of our “screens.”

What meets the eye is what designs a style. What a style of an I, unless met with a mind. The styles of the souls are signs of the spirits.

Thirty years of existence as a body – perhaps so. Infinite less existing as a brain and infinite more creating as a mind.

The x of infinity is the formulation that the catalyst of co(+/-)creation is and always will be the connection.

Self-Presence: “ I am decibels as a decimal. Moveable. Malleable. Me.”

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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