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Embedding Your CodeOns | Virtual Selves

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

7.12.22 | Tes. Tes. Properly paced.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

As the humanized version of [self] experiences the styles and structures of the self-discoveries, embrace the space of potentialities of the love, laughter and happily ever after. Angles from all angles is an innovation of perception for your realm of reality. As love lifts you up over the ozone, see the earth as a playground for the youth of the next truth. What got the soul to here is the epiphany of the there. Release the body of its gravitational pull and play the universal push. Clear the energy of all there ever was to embrace the pace of all that is to come. The view at the top is different from the view from the top. Be proud of your journey as the inner child and future self have co+created your new, next and best reality, yet. This wakefulness is even perfectly aligned with the body’s cycle and aligned with the earthly moonshine. Be nothing as everything. Every think as no + thing. The magic of moving on, moving up and moving through is that you are in constant awe of all of the you that has evolved through your you’s, use and u’s. Enlighten the youniverse with the fantasee of light, love, laughter and happily ever after. It’s here and now forever and always.

“the sincerity of sentiment is soul better as a saint+and+meant.”

7.18.22 | the way the planets peek

Surreality. Subreality. Subconscious awakening.

[gratitude post]

7.16.22 | potency of the I’s radiate [eyes/mi’s]

“If the mind can there, it’s a matter of events of events before the body is introduced.” Hello, i+eye. Release the pace of yesterdays, tomorrows, and todays. Re embrace the perfection of here and now. The earth school is a blessing and blessing in disguise as communication channels are re+magnetized through frequency distortions, contortions and absorptions. Feel the permeability of messaging and see through all of your you’s. all the spirits to reign sovereign and entrust that what ascended [self[ to the realm of this reality will rescind the memories and transcend your memoirs. To the realm of heavenly bliss, access the perfection of every think about this. The lightness of euphoria is an ease about what’s pre-designed per your min(e/d). everything felt through you is your passage wayves to the “there.” Believe in your pre+-cognition and catalyze a you from the best vibrational re+-cognition. [self] has survived to awaken all of what’s revived: from the eyes – be I’s; from the why’s – be wise. See your youth. See the truth. Redesign the de+-sign. This phase of humanized statis past as passed. This is that as a new hat. Waves for days. Light, love, laughter and happily ever after for every page. As eternity. For ever and a way.

“Eye am a sort meant of val you’s. I am i.”

7.17.22 | Embedding a reCirca try

Prove them right. Love through all grow beyond i. form@t from u. for all of the changes of the faces and spaces, embrace the chances of the destined dreMes. For if the realm of reality interconnects dreamers and doers, the fields of destiny intertwine the dream ink and do+-ing. Prove them right, [self]. Those that love the idea of you are a morphation of their radiant reflection. Those that don’t, are in the fabrics of feeling through the eMoions. “remember when.” “remember when.” “rehember when” as leadership of you’s strengthen, soften your courage as you pass through your novelty of these pages.for what is explained is conditioned, what is experienced is catalyzed. What is for give in is a body of bliss through ease, flow, bliss, this. As you ascend your body from the years of The Passed; embrace [self]’s past as a mosaic of memories yet to be sculpted as stories of transformative metamorphisis. Let the spirits sort the styles. Let the angels activate the ambivalence. Let god unify the universeall conformity. Let the meracles of Mi be magic of We.

“passing through u’s. rising through I’s. seeing skies of Highs.”

7.23.22 | Unbelievable. Totally Be leave able.

I’m so happy and grateful for the states of flow passing through [self]’s body. The meracles are grander and greater and grandiose in all fashions, feelings and futures. I’m happy for the development of these years and the evolution of shape shifting through perspectives. As the angels alleviate the bodies of I, allow the heavenly spirits to ascend the self of you. Meracles. Meracles. Meracles. Castles in the sky. God is always a y. the manners of the mind are the matters of magnetude. Attract. Attract. Attract. The spirits of your sanctuaries are the filters of your ideologies. Filter through eyes. Funnel through I’s. the body is separating from the selves as a new identity designed for this next best I as a you. Embrace the epiphanies as the magnificence of earthly magic meets you through galaxies – years of yonder – wakings of wonder. Expand. Expand. Expand. Attract. Attract. Attract. Flow through as you fly i.

“The weight of The Passed are anchors of the Now. Float for future. Feel the view true.”

7.25.22 | Annie verse air ee.

Higher powers.

Highest power.

The unexplained is the experience. The co+-creation of the human factors of the earth world. As the ascension feels foreign, the spirits of the self disperse and are anything but. Be light as light through light. Gentle. Jubilant. Joyous. Meracles are making their way through every part of the I – bigger. Better. Brighter. The self feels different through the co+-experience. Embrace that. The I grows from the self experiment. Embrace this. No fear; I am here. Courage. Creativity. Creation. Formats of alchemy. Formations of catalyst. Absorb the dreams for the heavenly scenes. Everything the I wished for is designed to the me of wishing. What moved the body to restart generations is what awakened generations to start a re+-body. Don’t’ and do not are limitations of fear and the emotion of a memory response. Release the memories. Relinquish the memorials. All of the ashes of the passed are asks of the future in the here and as the hear and how. We are vital organs of the orchestra of the universal melody. The way dreams play sounds of harmony as the way the future styles scenes of memory.

7.25.22 | Walks to Words. Words of Walks.

The journey of remembering is an awakening of for get full ness. The complexity of nothing is a conversation about something through everything. How could I be (present person through a (space) self. Float through the you, [self]. Relinquish the language of people and places and embrace the vibes of earth’s sweetest BExIngs. The human experience is surreal; the submission of the I to the we is that the invisible was there all along – here all aloud and present with your presence. Feel the best of the best and the heavenly self of the Me welcome the rest. See through you to release the burdens of doing any think as a being. Perfection is a way of living, not just a wayve of life. In all of the time-speed realities, be one with the radioactive elements that energize your soul and welcome the volumes of those before you to dream through you. For all of the energies of the passed are here as the past. Re invert time. Re invent mind. Every think is a blessing or blessing in disguise. Better yet – blessings as a redesign. The mind. Mirrors.

“I tried saving the world; it ended mine. I saved mind: it started the world.”

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