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Finding Direction In Getting Lost

Get lost, on purpose.

Looking for ways to inspire your own creativity?

Is this another article you're reading to grow your mind set.

Congratulations to rerouting your rewriting.

Inspiring your creativity is finding the one way to do something different.

Our to-due list is always there. Our to-do list is not always there.

One way I've found to be inspired by creativity is to reevaluate the "own" part of it.

What is my uniqueness?

What is there to do? What is it that's due?

Let's say you're building your business and you're looking to connect the puzzle pieces that have gotten you to here in order for you to get there. Reading this. Looking for ways to inspire your own creativity and evaluating your due and do lists.

Pause. Reflect. Be.

What is it that's yours in your present cognition? Evaluate your thought process.

Create a contrast between the do and due of your vision and your creation.

The differences between vision and creation is the [space] between concept and materialization. It's like writing your to-do list as a checklist and completing your to-due list as a done list.

These are ways of evaluating what connects this you to your next who - as a you.

Getting lost on purpose is utilizing the makings of the clues of what's around you. Getting lost on purpose is engaging in the excitement of the experiment of your present who.

Getting lost on purpose is connecting the ways that you are precisely at the right phase.

How can I connect the dots from my current spot?

How can I spot the dots from my current thought?

Imagine your brain as a website.

  • What is your domain?


  • What tabs are on your menu?

  • What about the information on each page?

  • What kind of experience does your site feel like?

Imagine your brain as a web sight. What do you see? What are you viewing? What are the commonalities between the words, the pictures and the imagery?

Now that you've imagined your brain as a website, zoom out.

What about your mind? How is this all connecting the pages of your website, to the content of your character and to the business that you're building through your brand?

Consider your mind as a web of websites. All of these websites are comprised of different information, different menu tabs and different ways of connecting data.

What websites make up your mind?

Browse through the forms of you and the formats of your reality.

Pause. Reflect. Be.

What about your current spots in your life/ day/ human experience can you connect to other dots such as the scenarios, stories or opportunities of your present self?

What about your future self?

Zoom in.

How can I connect the dots from my current spot?

How can I spot the dots from my current thought?

Love what you've experienced?

Step into the #Suiteness.

The World of Advertainment is here connecting your Suite Storees through the artifacts of your being, brand and business.


A is for Advertainment Amera

Amera helps leaders alchemize their life-changing experiences into experiences that change lives through innovative brand design and business transformation in connection with identity construction.

+ Speaker: Brand Identity + Relations

+ Designer: Brands + Events

+ Consultant: Marketing + Media

Amera is the artist cultivating communities on canvas' across brains everywhere. Her social platforms are opportunities to share pieces of us in each other - welcome to amera's am(a/u)zement mind. Her humanhood kicked off as an avidly involved student and lover of learning. Her fiery desires for wanting more - out of life, out of the community and out of the power of potential translated from visions of I to visions of the eye.

She is the voice of reason within youthful entrepreneurs and #IndependentBrands who want to build empires out of the ashes of their past. Her life motto: go where you grow. Have you ever been bullied for being you? Her, too. Bully is just another B in the alphabet of opportunity. Amera designed a world of B's via her imagination and innovation. Suite Storees is a #MixedReality social platform designed around her concept of Build Your Own Be.

Best-ie, Brand, Brand Identity, Bee, Being, B. Just B. Build your own being by being your own selfie. Her design of #SelfieMuseums serve communities as immersive and experiential memoir museums. As a designer and event planner, time is a construct of design. Her ability to translate storees into #VisualDesign elements connects her to audiences across different realms. She meets you, connects the dots, and leads you in connecting the spots to build your brilliance as a #BrandIdentity.

So, ready to #GoWhereYouGrow?

Let's Go.

Your spot is saved. Your presence is the present.


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