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The much anticipated weekend is finally here. Some may not even have plans aside from doing nothing and just enjoying the weekend.

Why don’t we have that approach with the week? After all, it would make more sense to enjoy five days a week rather than two.

Figure out what it is about the weekend that has you yearning for it as soon as the week starts and as it’s approaching an end. What makes the weekend the best part of the week? What particular moment of the weekend makes you already ready for the next one? What feelings do you actually have when you think about the weekend and what feelings do you have when it’s here?

Reflect on your Fri-YAY feeling.

Some people’s Fri-YAY isn’t actually Friday, but perhaps a Tuesday, or every other Sunday.

Parent’s don’t get weekends off. Yet, some new moms who are back at work will tell you that being home with no sleep with a list full of to-dos and a crying smelly baby is still their fri-yay feeling.

Why is that?


The fri-yay feeling is because we feel like we're going to take a break from something or just have the time to do something - even if that something is actually nothing.

We appreciate things we love. We treasure the moments with the things and people closest to our hearts.

We live in the moment. Time is a luxury.

We focus on our choices. Our wants. Our needs.

We become closer to who we are.

Find a way to have a little bit of fri-YAY, every day. Everyone’s schedule is different. Everyone’s fri-yay feelings are different. But it’s your life. Your Friday. Your fri-YAY. Your today.

Entrepreneurs don’t have "weekends."

Parents don’t have "weekends."

Service staff, emergency personnel, etc. don’t have "weekends."

Make choices for what you want to enjoy and appreciate each moment.

Surround yourself with the right people to enjoy each day, every day and celebrate Friday, everyday!

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