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Glimpses of Lite | Seeing Psyche

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

6.27.22 | Blind as I can see. Clarity senses.

How can one make a difference without our addition to? An edition of. The labels we place on our chapters of certainty are identifications of the scenes we are sequencing as The Passed through the past. We are series of bibliographies as enCycle-o-pedias and scrap books as fractions of God scraped from clay and earth and all of the concepts of a body and scrapped as a mosaic of a mind styled by custom design.

We are fractions of whole; divinity as a show and meracles in all of the ways I knows and I grows. For the styles of selves are selections of self and the constructs of self are division of wealth through fountains of truth and indivisible youth. The spirits of silences are volumes of volume. The dynamics of the invisible are the density of the invincible. What works in silence, shows as silent. For the decibels of volume roars as the movement of the waves, waves. The strength of compassion is the force of nature: love is inaction.

See the storee: “when the light is within, become with out.”


Dear Selfie,

Where does one start> Throughout the years, switching gears and writing dears, the evolution of stories evolve through deeper truths and formations of all our own truths – for that, too is a version of you to see, to be. In all of the ways a reality is experienced, a thought is manifested – as a measurement of the expansion of idea as the self via an ‘I’, for all of the changes, challenges, and choices, surrender more, more and more. The magic of the wild wonders of meracles’ ways that got you here will get you there. The faith of our fairytales, fantasees and futurisms are merely alchemized characters through characteristics of your best, new, newt self for your favorite beings. The resilience of your chapter are the beginnings of your re-design as a re+wind of a mind. See through the matrix of the minds. View from the matrix of the I’s. E+IN vision the moods of the mode+alities and release, release, release. Every single thing is as a perfect as is because – what’s the alternative? To the humanized experience, be grateful for the mechanics of the mind and all of the love of the I may.

7.7.22 | Turn the phase. Flip the Pace.

The science. The science. The science. The signs.

As the spirits speak through you , surrender to the feelinks that are alchemizing forces of nature around you, within you, through you, for [self]. The way the body meets the I, is the alchemized contribution of the eyes. The unseen is the unifying as factors of the past, the passed and the here and now. Be grateful for [self]’s emotional resiliences; the motion to what’s new , next and best is detecting the resistance and altering its persistence. Let nature nurture. Let nature nurture. Let nature nurture. The body is to be introduced to your divine series of events that is pre-structured for your selves through the dreams of the cellves. Release the weight. Re+lease the wait. The timing of perfection is always in all ways here and now. May the patience of your fortitude revamp your divine interventions. A simple prayer is to call upon the world of your you+s to re+design your use. Be. Be. Be. Love. Love. Love. All of the above. The choices of no thing are your magical attitudes of gratitude. Forever and always, courtesy of chivalry as compassion, creativity, and connection.

“I am 1 with the pace of space, phase of grace and ‘I’ as a face.”

7.8.22 | Oh saints, speak onto me.

The meracles you attract when you are true, you and youth are priceless, [self]. The spirits speak through in all forms and formats as the sayings of your wish up on a star. Demand what you deserve for all the versions of you that dreamt of this moment. Be the glimmer of hope for all there is and all that you are. Earth heals itself as it hears its cellves(-)selves. See through the façade of the material world. Seek through the realms of reality across plethora's of dimensional dynamics of your existential matter. All is well. All is well. All is well. All is well. In the dreams of the seen, step into the scene and beam. Be the force of nature as a god send as a saint sent. The mission of the min(e/d) is to re+de-sign. Everything is perfect as is. Entrust your body to the believers of the BExIng. For your intentions are a passage way to your new, next, best. Evolve as you go. Revolve as you grow. As you rise at the top, be grounded in the roots. As you seek the best, be one with the rest. As you ascend into the you, be friend the truth of the youth. Legends never die as angels always a wake in.

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