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Gratitude as a FormYoula

May the softness of your strength be the elegance of your eagerness. May the way you seek nothing be the simplicity of how you attract everything. May the brilliance of your being reflect the mannerism of your doings. May the way you offer service be the mannerism of which you attract ways to serve. May the design of your dreams be the reflection of the scenes. May the nature of your nurturing be the possibilities of your next best you. May your next best you greet you as this version of youre true.

4.28.22 | to say thank you

Thankful and grateful and blessed.

The pairings of the best are that of nature and light and love and laughter and happily ever always.

To rest through our being is to awaken from our selves.

The act of nothing is an action of something = in the spiritual realm, we are nothing as everything: dispersed across galaxies of something only within our imagination.

Even the concept of an imagination is a word of opinion. A matter of the mind that doesn’t matter when we mind.

Through a sense of our selves, we are awakened into a human realm of experiences – through the events of our stories from the memories of our experience.

The alchemy of gratitude is in the ways we can relate love, laughter, and happily ever after as always for all ways.

How can the human relation alchemize a spiritual soul to the dimensions of wonder and joy and living the dream?

Through setting the scenes in quantum travel, our dreams are mirrors of our time flow of the here and now.

There is a projection of our next reality through the patterns , pairing and powers of this reality.

To travel to the dreams, appreciate the designed scene as the beauty from the unseen.


Pause. Breathe. Be.

Imagine a scene of your safe scene.

What do you want to save about it?

What thoughts come to mind when you design your safe haven for all of your selves?

How do your cellves feel?

What about your self alchemized through the dimensions of those selves?

Pause. Breathe. Be.

Describe your safe scene in three (3) words.

See these three words as your patterns, pairings, and power to step into that scene to be seen.

The sight of our structured self is an alchemy of ambitions through the way we are set up in our next reality.

Through your future self, check in with your inner child.

  • What eMotions come to mind?

  • What feelings arise?

  • What thoughts are frequented through the frequencies of your human experience?

To ask these questions is to allow the spiritual realm of your existence to alchemize into the way your human experience is be+ing.

  • What is your be+ing feeling?

  • How is your self-ie do+ing?

  • What states of mind are you accessing through the dimensions of the here + now?

Through a flow state, be still in your experience.

Pause. Breathe. Be.

What did the series of questions design as a sequence of answers?

What three (3) words come to mind in the realm of your present reality?

Through the way we reflect on the realms of our reality we can choose our story accordingly.

The happily ever after of our chapter is the retrospection of our reception within our personal perceptions.

Every word we feel is a thought we seek. Every thought we seek is a realm of our experience on repeat.

  • How do you play the possibilities of your next best you?

  • Which parts of your truth design the alchemy of your true you?

  • How does the i of the self alchemize the you of the selves?

Align to your truth of the here and now and redefine the way you are present within this realm of your reality.

  • What in your series of selves are you able to identify as an identity?

  • What in your realm of your reality are you able to redesign as you redefine?

The patterns of our personalities are possibilities of personas.

Choose the choice that offers you your best you in all the ways you feel as true.

The mannerism of our elegance is the class of our due diligence.

Be simplistic in your story. Be simple as your storees.

Be nothing as everything. Attract everything as nothing.

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