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Heaven's Entrey

May the mannerisms in which you accept life's blessings align you to all of your happily ever nows. May the state of your grace be the patience through this phase. May the strength of your endurance be the alchemy of your evolution. May the metrics of your mindset be the infinity of your mine set. May nothingness flow feelings of fairytales and may everything attract your fantasees as dreams of your reality through your eternity in the here + now.

4.14.22 | The Cost of Nothing. The Price of Everything. The Tag of Happily Ever After.

Grattitude Attitude: The address of altitude above the Earth: deeper than our thoughts of our worth.

The work of our reality is the complexity of nothingness.

The more we unlearn, the more we know.

Experience grows through the experimentation of possibilities.

What does love feel like?

How does love just be?

Why is love a state of min(e/d)?

In the question, we ask the universe, we re+view the answers through the vision of our potentiality.

The reality of our state of self is in our dreams through our dremes. Our uniqueness is why we stARTed.

We were delivered unto Earth as portals of people.

Through the body of our be+ings, we are concepts of a co+creation.

Who we are in our sleep through our dreams is who we are awakened as a dreme.

The theme of the me is that i and you are a mirror mindset of angels from all angles.

How does energy grow? it flows.

Much like everything else grown through the dimensions of the Earth place, our worth is a sense of alignment to our work.

Accessing every thing is a personal preference of attracting no+thing as something.

As a self, we are co+creations of a love between the cellves and selves as a self.

We are a thank you of be+ing.

We are thank fulls of be+comings.


Picture a picture of your self from your favorite age.

  • Do you go back in time or do you go forward in your memories?

  • Do you see a picture or do you feel a thought?

Hold this imaginary photo of your past self in your hands.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

As you look in the eyes of your memory, think ahead.

  • What evolved within your character?

  • What three characteristics do you love most about your past self?

  • Which characteristics have dispersed across the dimensions of your other selves?

  • What thoughts are passing through your character in this present moment?

The depth of our thoughts is the growth of our thinking.

The way we design our dimensions is the way we de-mention our current self to design our future selves.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

As you picture this picture, what stands out most?

Sit with it. Stand through it. Grow from it.

Feel the feelings that feed through your identity.

  • What characteristics design your present character?

  • What characters design your characteristics?

How does the evolution of your you's structure the style of your use?

Design your future selves to adore your past selves.

Adore your past cellves to adapt to your present cellves.

Adopt your present selves to design your adored self.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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