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Meracle Monday; Magic as a MOMentum

May the reflection of your spirit stimulate your senses to your magic. May the passion of your purpose power on your potential to accompany your momentum. May the serenity of your sweetness activate your extraordinary. May the future of your feelings feel amazing as you are as a being in your becoming.


Empathy as an infrastructure. Empathy is the path of me. Em is that path of emmmmm.

Savoring the delicacy of humanity - the hues of our humans; the honor of their humility; the hell of their health.

The compassion within us is the cure to our kindness as a connection.

We as beings are nothing, yet everything.

Feelings are the greatest measurement of our now. Love is the greatest recipe of our presence and the magic of it is the re-cognition of our recognition - here and now.

I can call myself a healer or helper or nothing or a mother.

It is our heart that desires to be perceived as we intend to receive.

Empathy as an infrastructure because what I am willing to die for is something someone else is struggling to live for.

A world one-for-one is a populational thing; a universe of one-with-one is a conversational thing; a story of one is a magical thing.

There is no "you" in relationships. There is no "that" in relationships. There is here and now. There is a harmony of how we hear our "here." There is passion in how we accompany our compassion.

Safety is a frequency as is serenity. Empathy is an infrastructure.

Where I am strong, I have been weak. Where I am right, I have been wrong. Where I am light, I have been dark. Where I am whole, I have been broken - shattered and spread into nothing and yet, we rise: the cells of our selves, the selves of our self. Together is an infrastructure of the beauty in how our pieces come as one.


JOURNAL to your self from your future selves, past selves, and audiences of your identity.

📸Picture your life as a movie 🎬 set and your present self as the main character. 🤳 How do you direct your vision for the future? Step into your stories of the versions of you that are within your imagination. 🥳😎🤓

When you reread the posts of your journal, you connect to those memories of your BESTies.


Who's a better tour guide to your reality than your self-ie?🎟

Who knows your story more than the writer of your selves?✍️💌

Who is the designer of your dreams and savior of your strength?💪🪞

It's that meracle of the person reading this: YOU!🤗

That brain of yours? 🧠Brilliant!

That smile of yours?😁 Spectacular!

This cognition of yours?😍🤩 incredible!

If you aren't the cheerleader of your life, who else should be? Be your biggest fan and be your sweetest audience.🧲🎟

One of the greatest acts of self-love is self compassion: Passion in your company; company in your passion and the combination of the words together. 🫂

We are puzzle pieces of possibilities 🧩

For this self-love sundae🍨, I hope you treat your selves 🪞 to passion, play, and peace.➡️it is already within you, and the kindest gift you can be is within your presence as the present.


Smile. You're a story of sweetness. And your sweet stories are what make your breath brilliantly yours.

Let's connect our social identities: my instagram profile is live here @advertainmentamera

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