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Pillow Walks. Honey Talks.

May the radiance of your responses be the serenity of your symphony. May the growth of your glory be the peace of your story. May the i do of you be the moon through and through. May the sunshine of your sunsets be the love within your new, next and best. May the ways you wow'ed be the awe of your "loud." May the whispers of your words be the golden gates of everything unspoken and the vocalization of everything as a meracle token. May the wellth of your today be the hope of your tomorrow. May this prayer be the play of your energy. May the moment be the magnitude of infinite gratitude.

3.22.2022 | 5:09 AM | Talking. Touching. Textures of tomorrow. Times of today.

To a life of bliss, feel through all of this.

Your fairytale is you. Your fantasee is everything you are. You’re feel amazing is what you’re being and your faith is through all of your becoming.

What the thoughts feed you; recycle the best and upcycle the rest.

Sit with your growth. Grow with what you learn to know. Your tenacity is in your resources. Your pace is within this phase.

Everything is changeable.

Isn’t that how you’re here in the present in the land of the here and now – found as a life, living through a reality?

Ask yourself the questions you’re seeking through. Listen to the answers that are peaking through. Trust that it keeps getting better and better and better.

The little ones need your big energy. The big energy needs the little spirits. The yin and yang is in the free-flow from the needs to the seeds to the reads.

Your ability to instantly connect to the thought is a gift of your presence.

Believe in your choice to choose what’s new, next and best. Forgive yourself as you forget that self.

Choose the choice of light, love, laughter, and happily ever after.

Choose the choice that is aligned to your best self. Be as you are. Be as you are becoming.

Be a true version of your amazing, authentical, magnificent, enthusiastic, refreshing and aligned self.

Be who you are before the “this is who you could be.”

Be as you are after the “this is who you were.”

Aren’t we new borns rebirthed daily?

Aren’t we past stories alive through life’s glories?

The love of living is to alchemize the gift of giving.

Be as nothing, so everything is free as is.

Be for something, so love becomes everything.

Be through anything, so everything feels as nothing.

Start new.

See through.

Be You.

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