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ReNew an RSVP to a ReYou

The stArt of our ART through the signs and science: the art of our start within our cellves as our selves.

The meracle of surrender. The sound of now.

Being present within this experience activates our path. The greatest illusion is the concept of mine. The strongest delusion is the concept of mind.

Every thing is already designed. Every thing is already aligned.

Isn't that the meracle of joy, glory, faith and freedom?

The peace within tranquility; the honor of our authenticity; being true to nature is activating truth of OUR nature.

We are experiences of an experiment: Nothing is mine. No thing is mine.

Everything is ours - as earth; as experiencers of this experiment.

What are we more deserving of than this very moment?

The sweetest meracle is this present. For if we are not present in the now, we cease to exist in any other time and space reality.

Through the dimensions of our perception, we meet minds of like min(e/d)edness and that is our alignment of our selves through our self.

We share our art because the caring is the one part: Our part is to BE and life's part is the +ING.

Dipping our toes in serenity is like testing out the possibilities of seeing fresh. Celebrate REfresh as I.

May the signs be sweet. May the science regenerate your eyes as celebrations of serendipitous I's.

Activate your #SWEETNESS:

Want to regenerate your energy?

Energy is not an exchange but more so an activation of transference.

To feel amazing through the shift of thoughts, draw in the emotion and visualize it as a battery.

Focus on the feeling, max it to 100% in your very present moment.

You'll notice that it's only internalized, felt, and comprehended by and within you.

Regardless of that emotion: negative or positive, feel it out, feel it through, feel it within, transfer it to your reality with out.

Our energy centers are multipliers of our emotions.

Through magnifying the emotion, we allow our cells to speak to our selves as our self.

Feel the emotion at 100% then choose the emotions that feels better, and better, and better and sweeter. Your energy field is a collection of your intended attention. That is how our energy introduces us before our emotions. That is how our aura attracts our amazingness.

Today, thank you for being here. Thank you for tuning into the frequencies that feel amazing. Thank you for turning on the possibilities of your meracles.

May you be your selfie+ and go where you grow.

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