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Self-Start Your Sweet Art

May the vulnerability of your stories serve the strength of your smiles. May the humility of your heart honor the hopes of humanity. May the wonder of your why's align you the answers of your nobility. May the characters you have connected through connect you to the characteristics of compassion, kindness and creativity. May the aura of your ambition accentuate the magic of your mind. May meracles meet your soul as divinity designs your destiny. May this moment be your grace of joy and place of bliss.

2.13.22 4:01PM | Self-Serve Sundae: Serendipity and Serenity : Skeletons of ions and stories of try-ons.

Never discount your dreams to afford your worth. Value your worth to afford your work.

When we fall in love through energies, we rise in love through identities.

Collective consciousness is a vibrational state of energies, magnified through to magnitudes and enunciated by our exo-skeletons.

We are all animated skeletons structuring the story of our energy.

As we dance with souls of our sweet moments, we vibrate magnetically. Music is a muse of meracles. The universe of you's is in the use of your hues.

Our adaptability is our cape-ability.

The more we can be less, we become more.

Being nothing means imagining your selves as dispersed iridescent glitter - invisible to the eye, indivisible by the identity.

A state of flow is a feeling of passivity. Our passing of our past and injection of our future meets our body as a cohesive co-creation. The microcosms of our body just co-exists with the macrocosms of the galaxies - effortlessly, efficiently and evolutionary.

In a state of bliss, you are immersed within the experience of this.

Ask the cells, meet the selves.

The skeleton of our self is a structure of a system.

The identity of our selves is a story of blissdom.

As we grow through our selves and separate from a defined self, the ions of our eye-ons shift perspective to the potentiality of who we could be.

By imagining your most peaceful phase as a pace, then a state of flow synchronizes your systems to operate cohesively, constructively, and compassionately.

This is notable for your adoption, adaptation and adoration of all the versions you have been, are being and could become. Listening to your systems tunes you into the internal mechanisms of your mine, mind and matter.


Pause. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Fast Forward 3000 years from now.

In your time machine, who are you? Who would you have designed your legacy to live through?

Ask yourself who answered these questions to co-create your present existence?

3000 years ago, who were you? Were you present as an energy or is the thought an imagination of your time travel?

When we surrender to the imagination of our intentions, we recognize we are perfectly placed within our experiment as a human experience.

Every single thing is intended for you to happen through you.

Pause. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Our parents, our children, our generations are one collective compilation constructed through pre-existing evolution intended for a reality revolution.

Picture pieces of an assorted puzzle.

Day-by-day, moment-by-moment - we piece one puzzle piece to construct the design of the puzzle.

The puzzle is never complete until our human body passes. It is merely a work in progress: an art project as a act of service.

The pieces of the puzzle are the construction of our stories.

Each piece is a part of our identity. When we spend the time embracing the style, shape, structure and design of the piece, we can recognize that the puzzle is meant to be pieced through our peace.

Piece by piece, life is peace by peace.


Be the dreamer and doer of your destiny.

To cultivate creativity, dedicate 80% of your time, energy and space towards your identity; dedicate the other 20% to a self of you.

We are mirrors of our "i" and reflections of our eye.

Our identity is the culmination of our cellves, selves, and characteristic of our character.

Our self is the character illusion that appears from the construction of the compilation through our identity.

Want to be more efficient, effective and focused on your future? Sit with your selves. Stand for your self and style out your wellth.

Imagine your life ten years, a hundred years and 3000 years from now.

Where is this present moment taking you? Where do you go when you time travel?

Designing your mind as a time machine allows for you to piece the way you pursue your peace and power on your potential.

Compliment your present self with a kind word - or two. Use that word for the theme of your day.

Honor your humility. Humble your hope. Harvest your heart. Hear your Art: It is the perfect start.


Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



Visioneering Designer | Advertainment Amera | | Michigan


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