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Sense+Ations Of Stillness. Formations Of This.

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Dear Selfie,

Expressions of your being are radiant throughout all of the ways you alchemize the things, thinks and -ings.

The way through is within; the way with in is to be the way of.

Design the path ways of all+around and become the way the world free floats through its ease, flow, bliss, and this.

Heaven is a mind set model. Heavenly is a mine set modeality.

When the universe is in different directions, disperse through you and immerse within the melodies of all its space(s), face(s) and phases.

This new chapter is a re-design of an Earthly presence as you within a time of The Present.

Being grateful for every single meracle moment that magnifies the sights and magnetizes the sites.

Be the format of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

Embrace the formation of all the ‘this,’ ‘that,’ and ways life designs the chapters of your new sensations of space.

Through the unspoken, we vibe. Through the simplicity, we thrive. As you. As new. Re+You.

This is the era of theMes.

Design time with a you in mind. After u with i+y. This is bliss as me’s.

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