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Thankfull for the Thoughts

Being grateful to be alive is the sweetest form of service. In gratitude, we alter our attitude.

I am so grateful to be alive, I am a love.

You see, death is the destination.

If death is feared, what are we living for?

I chose death before and it was designed for me before, too. Yet destiny decides our death.

Death, too, is a matter of alignment. This is the power of our destiny. Who are we without our physical existence? Who do we become as a human experience?

Once you see the light, you become the be+ing.

Human beings are a species of love.

We are co-creations of existential matters.

Our minds are merely the machines of our uniqueness. Living authentically is grounding to Earth and honoring our breath; for every breath and blink is a blessing.

Every connection is an altering of our self. Through our cellves is collections of energies we connect our divine power through quantum travel.

We exist in multiple dimensions as beings we are existences in infinite realities because even through the meracle of life; we design our destiny from the back tracking of death.

For the only thing certain is how full our hearts are, how kind our compassion is and what our storee says.

ForGiveness + Faith Fullness + Fairy Tales

Forgiveness gifts us purity of our cellves.

Faith fullness regenerates our selves.

Fairy tales evolve our energies.

As we close our eyes, we open our mind.

As we experience death, we are awakened to life.

Our bodies are the vessels of voices.

It all begins with a dream - the dream.

Once the beam of light is seen, we design the scene. Often humans refer to it as tunnel vision.

In the realms of the afterlife, it is time travel.

The more selfless we are, the surrender of our soul serves us as vessels of voices.

The inner ease is what cultivates world peace. Our chakras are charts of chapters. Stories of our strength magnetize us to meracles. Our alignment is an attraction of our voices; its an evolution of the construction by consciousness through awareness.

"Why am I alive?" is simply answered with "why not?"

Through our third eye we know there is nothing to know.

To be greater, we grow.

Destiny is already designed for us - death included. Letting the voices through is an intention of surrender to the signs, science and selflessness of our cellves + selves as our self.

Home Suite Home.

Thanks for being here.

Thanks for being YOU!

May you be your selfie+ and go where you grow.

Yours Truly,


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