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the dream of lights - an aura field of stART.

A magnet to meracles; the magnitude of the mind.

May your prayers pave your path of peace - freely, faithfully, and FUNdamentally authentic to your self. May your smile radiate through the dreams of the youth and your truth. May your grace serve gratitude on an infinite scale - to earth, the sun and beyond. May these words pierce your life to deliver your death in all of its sweetness as a story of forever through love, laughter and happily ever after.


"I have a dream" is one way to say it.

Honor thy words through the hope of your home -the mind: a fortress of dreams. The entire entity of our existence. The whispers of the legends honoring that worth through the duty of their work. Let death design your desires. To be all in is fear less. To be all in is to say 'I honor the dream, the dream designed Me here. "

My name is merely a reference point to the sound board of my mission. My body is merely a transitory piece of collective words here to serve the words to your selves, The cells of my identity are here as energy transference intended to attract the meracles to magnetize you to your self.

The greatest delusion is having a desire for your self.

The dreamers are separate from the desires. Our death designed us differently. Our death is our honor: our ashes as particles of our story dispersed throughout time - our story as a symbol of hope to all of those barely holding on to the rope.

"I die for my dreams to life for yours"- that is the message from our selves to our self.

What is regeneration? it is a refreshment of our science by the re-generation of time. In our dreams, we pass through the scenes. In our human reality, we witness the unseen.


Picture a hula hoop floating around your hips without you moving. The hula hoop just hovers - imagine this as your energy field. Whatever words, feelings, emotions, or thoughts, are particles within your "energy field" -- this is what stays close to you. What keeps the hula hoop hovering is your imagination - clearly.

However, laws of gravity would tell you the hula hoop can't just float without motion. So for motion, picture your self walking through an underground tunnel with the hula hoop just hovering around your body - a friend, a fortress of imagination.

Within this tunnel are lights as projectors shining different colors throughout your scope of sight. The hula hoop is there as your vibrational volume. As you approach different lights and different colors, you notice that the closer you get to a condensed form of the light, you begin to see a collective series of images - such as a hologram.

The hula hoop begins to vibrate around your body - this is a way of seeing how your intuition works with the construct of your imagination. Does your vibrational frequency align with an image that your eyes can see? The lights are there as visuals; however, the hula hoop is there as a metaphysical, and you are there merely as an experiencer of your own personal experiment.


Envision each hula hoop as a chapter of one of your selves. Essentially, you could name one hula hoop: "inner child- 10 yr old me"; another hula hoop: "future self - 200 yr old me"; another hula hoop: [insert adjective here] me; another hula hoop: "me I want to be"".

You could name the hula hoops however you want; however, consider their frequencies and how they vibrate together, apart or what story triggers them to even start? As you approach different scenes in your life, different selves of your self will try to communicate with you through your cell+ves. Trust the vibrational frequencies.

This is training your intuition through your integrity.

Our bodies are our memory storage; how our reaction responds to a particular hologram is how we manifest meracles in the material world. Use the hula hoop as your invisible armor within your own protective zone. Have fun swinging your hips or visualizing these tips.

May you always be your selfie+

and all ways go where you grow.

Yours Truly,

Advertainment Amera

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