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The Journey of Tenacity Through Time

"Thank you" thoughts

+ You're Welcome Vibes

= innovation as integrity.

A Positive Prayer:

May sweetness align grace with your greatness. The light leads the way even when vision is constructing through everything astray. The poetic verses of time design art within a line.


Thank you thoughts are the start of something you. We are mechanisms of magic through a genetic structure comprised of our authenticity, integrity and characteristics that evolve as our character.

Who else has the same exact signatures as you? as "I"?

The uniqueness factor within all of us is how we do what we do and why we do it.

Everything is a matter of your personal perception of your thoughts about your thoughts.

We are observers as observations. Being receptive to feed back is the innovation in which our mind man-you-factures our faculties and facilities. Thank you thoughts allow us to express gratitude for every thought that is "fed back" through our feed back.

Our only interpretation of emotions is how our body feels as we feel the feeling.

Our own authenticity is constructed through the de-struction and re-struction of our integrity.

It's all an observation of our selves passing through our cellves.

How do we sometimes feel safe and secure with a "new" subject and unfamiliar within an embedded system?

It's the way our body signals where flow feels.

Trusting intuition is a simple way to build integrity. Knowing that our body is a memory machine of stored stories; we learn that our feelings are fuel for thoughts and food for thought.

What we feed our mind is magnified within our "mine."

Who could ever possibly interpret the definition of "I?" Only the I. Only the self; for our cellves communicate through our subconscious of our intuition. This is the structure of authenticity - knowing that I'm a vessel of genetic patterns in which are unique to my identity.

We are compilations of one voice, one sound, one way we do our way.

The magic of our mind is how it pieces all of this encoding to decode our structure and co-create our wonder.

Through alignment of authenticity, we value the same thoughts.

Every thought that passes through our perception is a "thank you" thought and our integrity funnels the feedback into our personal bank of identity.

This is the magic of "you're welcome" vibes: the openness of a welcoming, safe environment and the reciprocation of exchanging a thank you for "thank YOU."

Brilliant Brain Break:

Want a fun visualization technique to picture your thoughts?

Imagine all of your thoughts as balloons: different colors, different sizes, different categories.

Every thought is collected within a balloon. Your energy towards that thought is the energy you spend blowing into the balloon.

Which thoughts are you investing your breath and energy into? Which balloons are the largest - the positive thoughts or the negative ones? What colors do you visualize the balloons to be? Do they reflect your aura? Are they worthy of your time and space? When you've visualized your thoughts as balloons, do you let them go or do you use them as a celebratory scene?

Let this practice be an innovative way to grasp that we are perceivers of the thoughts through our thoughts. Picturing them as something separate from our actual mind allows us to draw out the thoughts that serve our best self.

Here's to building your brilliance because you are brilliant.

May you be your selfie and go where you grow!

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