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the Magical Mind of Meracles

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Our perception of our reception is a sensory experience for the signs, science and synchronicities to become one within our experiment.

The greatest gift we can gift our presence is the questioning of our existence, our presence and our potential.

Through the question of "why?" we answer everything after "I".

"Why this" answers why that. Through asking our why's, we access our wise.

Within our eyes, we filter through to our i's. Our reception of our perception is to pause in our presence.

The science, signs and synchronicities speak louder than our perception can. After all, our experience is merely an observation of an observer as our self but through our selves.

That is a meracle of the mind; to meet us at our present now and gift us our wow.

Brilliancy Breather:

Ask your Selfie:

"Why do I even WANT to feel this way?" is a question that can change your life.

Our dynamic mindset is intended to FEEL THROUGH emotions.

Be grateful for the freedom of your thoughts.

You are granted the magic of your individuality to think according to your personal magnificence.

▶️ Asking yourself "why" often is to sort through a series of solutions through feeling through a series of emotions.

Sometimes, we don't feel the freedom to express our emotions; nevertheless, we always have the power to hear the feelings.

"Why do I even want to feel this way?" allows your selfie to be the observer of the emotion rather than the sponge of the situation.

Filter your feelings; you have the freedom of your thoughts through asking why's and cape-ability to honor your wise.

It's the magic of your selves reconstructing your self.

See the strength of your softness. The beauty of your magic is within your alchemy of your authenticity.

Establish a personal progress report for your self-ie. Ask your selves questions through Curiousity:

M - ental Welllth - What are my intentions this week?

A - Authentically Amera - Grade Report

G - Generosity - How will I give back this week?

I - Imagination - Where's my next destination?

C - Cultivate Creativity - How can I connect with someone else through creativity?

Let your name be an alliteration for your character. Then. Use it as a guide for your self-ie:

Mine is

🔸️A - Authentically Amazeing

🔸️M - Magnificent

🔸️E - Enthusiastic

🔸️R - Refreshing

🔸️A - Aligned

🪞 What does your name stand for?

🧠 What does your character speak of?

May you be your selfie

And #GoWhereYouGrow ➡️➡️

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