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The why of wonder; the cue of curiosity; the whoa of the womban

The why of wonder; the cue of curiousity; the whoa of the womban

May the wonder of your wonderfull wake your joy up through the spirits of serendipity. May the sweetness of your uppity lead you to up and up regardless if you've been down and out. May the wild of your wilderness rawr out loud of your character. May the being of your doings align you with the blessings of your belonging. You are a being of love. You are beloved and be loved.

The moral compasses of moms; the reflection of the wows.

The wild wonders of the world - Isn't God our mother, father and our family? The perception of all things that constructed our reconstruction.

The portal of our passage way is the curiosity of our character.

Every time we ask 'why?' we hear the who. We hear the who to answer the 'how?'. The questions are the answers re+formatted.

Our magic when we re-wind is that we un-wind and be wind. Swoosh. Invisible yet indivisible; a force of nature; a feeling of god.

There's be loved and beloved - the difference is the space in between. The similarity is that the words are a construct of a compilation of words of love.

We aren't a matter away of generational gestation; we are a matter a way of arranging the letters. We are the matter of the mind and a mind of matter.

Together is also to+get+her.

Our feminine energies are our maternal instincts.

To attain our mother earth; rearrange earth and its thera: breath. Swoosh.

Rearrange earth and its ear, art, the and home - for now.

We are a collection of characters and symbols, colors and stories, faces and spaces, and phases and paces - a collection of a compilation of a construct of thoughts.

To be loved is to be beloved. Embody the space as a construct of illusion. Be in body with the phase as a delusion of the illusion. We are images as identities and wonders of wombans.


Imagine yourself as your exact opposite. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Are you a different energy or are you a different entity. What is your exact opposite even mean? If you can imagine your contrast, you can build up your brightness - which is your light, which is your might which translates to your brilliance.

Imagine editing a photo on your smart phone. You have options to edit the photo through contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, transparency, etc. Each minor edit through a simple movement of the equalizer changes the image entirely. Does it change you? Does it change your perception of you? How do you utilize the equalizer of the photo editing to edit your image? Do you edit your image or are you editing your identity?

Imagine the filters that are available for use on different applications. Which filters stand out? How do they transform your appearance? How do they shift your perception of your transformation? Every filter is a facet of a new face. How could you translate this imagination as a form of identification? The correlation between having an equalizer to edit your photos is much like the speedometer on your car to visualize the momentum of movement.

You are capable of editing your image as you design your identity. It's a matter of seeing how you feel as you're being. The doing is the side effect of the being. The being is the placebo of the identity. The identity is the dosage of your entity. Your entity is the compilation of your collection of your cellves, selves and self. Edit accordingly. Design limitlessly.



Yours Truly


I've got quite a bit to share with the world. 

Follow along for memos, memoirs, sometimes memes and sometimes meaningful posts. I intend to inspire, motivate, and empower - in my own authentic way.

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