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This, That & Someone's Hat.

The concept of "this" is actually all its about. Life and such. Clarity between "this" and "that" allows our reality to part the seas of our path ways. Its the ability to see "this" and immerse in the experience - IT is all temporary - as is time. Our human experience shifts through different situations to shuffle the possibilities of what our reality could be.

Be so confident and convicted that our "this" is our Bliss. It is all a matter of mind over matter - to see our life experience as exactly as it should be within this present moment. To access joy through the art of allowing.

Perspective Shift:

Our identity is a collective story book. Our character is the author and designer. Our "this" is the chapter we are experiencing.

That's why our perception of someone's "miss" is a transitory bliss. Our mess is an opportunity to organize what is "this" and sort out "that." That" is another hat to wear to see the life experience as another person would or could - but never should. What is life like with "that" or as "that" or to experience "that."

This is the shift of our personas. Personality changes are what evolve our reality and reception of our truth of it. The greatest shuffle is having to make the choice: this or that.

IT's like the healing spectrum of our emotions. Even hate is on the healing spectrum of love, just a matter of fine tuning. It is all a matter of tuning to higher vibrations to elevate to love; to piece the peace through ease. flow. bliss. this.

Let life be a matter of choice. That's the most challenging part of it: making a choice to choose. Choose "this" as your "perfect as is". Let it be what it is.

Let these four words serve as a mantra. "Ease. Flow. Bliss. This."


Want a fun activity to exercise your eyes and whys?

Make a list of "this" and "that"

You could create it digitally as a spreadsheet or word doc or just sketch it out on your closest writing pad.

Write "this" and all the things you want to attain within your realm. For that, write the contrast of your "this."

Clarity offers conviction in our choices. Conviction in our choices serves confidence in our decisions. Confidence in our decisions confirms our courage as a form of creativity.

The art of acceptance is the mastery of allowing.

Start with your "this." You'll access your bliss.

May your human experience allow your selfie experiment to be your best-ie and may you always go where you grow.

Yours Truly,


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